Your body is unique,
your nutrition should be too.

Custom micronutrient formulas engineered 100% for you

Achieve optimal health and daily performance.

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Easily fast track your health and wellness goals with custom micronutrient formulas and unmatched health insights.

Peak Performance

Take your daily performance at work and at home to the next level with increased energy, better mood, and improved focus.

Level Up Fitness

Maximize your athletic potential by building a stronger cellular nutrition foundation with micronutrients tailored to you.


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Over 700+ trillion formulas

Microbead technology


How we create your personalized formula

Rootine is changing the way people approach micronutrients.

As a physician, I only support companies I would use myself. Rootine is giving me, my family and my patients a better life.

Dr. Gary Cook

Tampa, FL

As a business woman I travel often. It's great just throwing a few packs in my bag and knowing I'm completely covered.

Sarah Klaben

Denver, CO

I can tell that my energy is up and my body is better at handling daily stress, which is important as I run two businesses while completing my masters degree.

Richard Marton

Columbus, OH

I'm careful with what I put in my body. I appreciate Rootine's rigor around testing, nutrient sourcing, and laboratory credentials.

Nathan Sanders

Nashville, TN

Whole body health

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What To Know About Custom Vitamins

Skip Lifestyle-Only

A lifestyle quiz is a good place to start, assuming metabolic context is provided by DNA and blood data. Naked lifestyle data is often extremely misleading.

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The Pill Problem

Microbeads deliver precision nutrient doses, so that you get the exact dose you need for each nutrient - not a random dose in a mass-market pill.

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No Tracking? No Good

Recurrent blood analysis is is the only way to track your progress, ensure your formula is working, and to make adjustments when needed.

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