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Targeted supplements and at-home lab tests designed to help balance your body’s natural rhythms for vibrant health you can see, feel and track.

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    The future of supplements. Where science and data meet daily function and personal health.

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    Fast acting formulas with results you can see, track, and feel.

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    Designed to meet you where you are and integrate seamlessly into your daily health routine.

What others are saying

  • "I feel spectacular since beginning Rootine and couldn't be more pleased with my overall health. The science behind the products place the company in a category all by itself. I have tried many other products in the past ... Rootine blows the competition out of the water."

    Ryan R.
  • "I feel more consistent and steadier since taking Rootine like my body is getting what it needs."

    Courtney C.
  • "I’m barely ever sick. I believe that Rootine is a big part in that. I’m traveling all the time, constantly in stressful situations, and try to stay in shape. I believe through all that Rootine helps eliminate stress and keeps me balanced. "

    Anthony S.
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Hand holding Rootine's Sleep mocktailHand holding Rootine's Sleep mocktail

New Adaptogen Drink Mixes

Rootines Adaptogen Powder Stick Packets

Targeted support for Sleep, Stress and Focus

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Women with open arms in natureWomen with open arms in nature

Foundational Daily Health

Rootines Smart Multivitamin Box

Smart Multivitamin

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Person holding mobile phone and looking at watchPerson holding mobile phone and looking at watch

Understand your body and track progress

Rootines Blood Mineral and Vitamin Test Kits

At-home lab tests

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The Science of Circadian Health

Rooted in the science of circadian health, we’ve build a smart supplement system designed to bring your circadian rhythm back into balance so that you can reach your most vibrant health.

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