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"I love that I know I'm getting exactly what I need; even targeting those areas that may require more (based on blood tests/DNA)"Tracy R.

Smart Multivitamin for Daily Health Support

Our award-winning Smart Multivitamin contains up to 20 nutrients personalized based on your vitamin levels, DNA, and lifestyle. Backed by at-home lab tests. Designed for smarter daily health support.

For your best energy, cognition, immune health, and more!

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Fast Track Your Mood, Sleep, and Focus Goals

Cortisol, your stress hormone, may be at the root of your mood, sleep, and focus issues. It is a major hormone that does major damage if it is out of balance. Take control with our at-home cortisol testing, personalized improvement plans, and targeted natural supplements. Amplify your journey with 1:1 support from a clinical nutritionist.

For your best mood, weight, sleep and more!

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Science-backed Wellness

Why Rootine?


Harnessing the latest research and technology, we curate a data-driven path to optimal health for today and tomorrow


Science-backed nutrient solutions tailored your unique health needs with your biological data, developed by scientists and clinicians


Designed for discerning minds and busy lives, ensuring seamless integration into your day for better health and longevity

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