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We empower members to leverage their data to achieve optimal health and peak performance

Why our founders care about Nutrition

Rachel Soper Sanders, CEO and Co-founder of Rootine
Rachel Sanders

I spent my career in high-stress roles that require me to maximize the time I have — first as an investment banker and now as a startup founder and first-time mom. For me that means doing everything I can to stay healthy and ensuring I am performing at my best both mentally and physically throughout the day. Early on in my career I was suffering from burnout, fatigue, stress, and brain fog which hampered my ability to give my best everyday. As I had done in the past when looking to solve health concerns, I turned to nutrition and fitness as a way to get more about of my day when sleep wasn’t always an option - constantly iterating on products, exercises, and ways to fuel my body to add performance gains throughout the day.


  • What I put into my body everyday matters when it comes to my work product, fitness gains, and the type of parent and partner I am able to be.
  • Investing in self-care matters; the more you invest in taking care of yourself the better output you will have and investing early and often could help tremendously in the long term.

Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD
Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer PhD

I suffer from a genetic condition that will require significant organ transplantation in the future which lead to my focus on harnessing genetic health data to build solutions to improve health and human performance and getting a PhD in biotechnology. I know that although my condition is not preventable, there are a number of genetic pre-dispositions that can be counteracted with lifestyle modifications and nutrition adjustments. From my 12+ years of experience building one of Europe’s leading biometric testing labs, I know that people are more than a single data point. When determining what is best for nutrition, we must look at all the ways people differ and identify key differences on a cellular level.


  • There are consistent and significant ways in which people differ. If we (as a health industry) do not account for, embrace, and support these uniqueness's we cannot deliver optimal health outcomes.
  • It is a complex process to determine and address unique biological needs. In order to support the most people, we must build easy-to-use solutions that people can trust and afford.

"I envision a world in which precision nutrition enables optimum health, and we’re scaling Rootine to do just that.”

Why are we building this
The Team
Rachel Soper SandersFounder & CEO
Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhDFounder & Chief Scientific Officer
Jocelyn WeigelCX and Operations
Max NintharaProduct
Josh JenningsCustomer Experience
IJ MakanDesign
Sarah MorganNutrition Innovation

Our Mission

To empower 1 million people globally to leverage their health data to achieve optimal health through precision nutrition.


Provide a platform for every person to actively engage in their own health and wellness.


Embrace the fact that every person has unique health needs and deserves a custom solution.


Deliver data in an appealing and understandable way to identify areas of health to improve upon.


Simplify complex health data to make it easy to understand and leverage for precision products and actionable insights.


Democratize access to critical health data and precision nutrition solutions that have historically been reserved for the few.


To expand upon nutrigenetic and metabolomic research through community insights and clinical trials.

Are you passionate about impacting the health of millions?

We're always looking for talented humans who are interested in building the future of precision nutrition alongside us.

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