NFTs will further democratize health & lead the digital health revolution

Rootine TeamJan 07, 2022

How NFTs will further democratize health and lead the digital health revolution in web 3.0

Chances are you’ve heard about NFTs and the massive hysteria surrounding the minting and trading of these digital tokens. But what exactly are they?

If you’re completely new to NFTs, an NFT is a non-fungible token on the blockchain. While mostly associated with Ethereum, NFTs aren’t exclusive to Ethereum. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that runs on blockchain technology, but there are other blockchains that either have or could create their own NFT functionality. Some people compare NFTs to a digital manifestation of owning a piece of art, others see it as another way to participate in crypto by minting a unique token instead of buying non-unique currency. Either way, when you own an NFT, that digital token is yours – there is nothing else like it on the blockchain.

While some argue NFTs are merely the new way to tout social status, we believe NFTs unlock a powerful means to enhance communities and bring people together. By minting an NFT, you are essentially buying access to a community with utilities, benefits, and the power to vote on decisions and contribute to the project. NFT holders are responsible for creating value and rewarded for the value created. NFTs will help decentralize and democratize many processes – especially health.

We are in the middle of a digital health revolution. Now, more than ever before, consumers have access to all kinds of data they can leverage to improve their health and optimize performance without the bureaucratic tediousness of going through hoops to access their information. As the world of web 3.0 and NFTs continues to emphasize the values of decentralization and individual ownership of various processes, we see a massive opportunity to build a space in the metaverse that embodies exactly what Rootine believes in: the democratization and decentralization of data, research, and tools to optimize health and human performance. We’ve taken the first steps towards this new world with an NFT project focused on health and human performance.

Apex Optimizers NFT

Apex Optimizers (AO) is the first collaborative NFT project focused on health and human performance optimization. Community members represent brands like Eight Sleep, Rootine, Hydrant, Span Health, Bioloop, Aloha, Gwella, OneSkin, and Bristle. Early team members include founders from Levels and Bristle, health experts like Louisa Nicole and Dr. Sohaib Imitaz, professional athletes like Justin Gatlin, as well as a number of high performers and crypto and NFT heavy hitters like Steve Aoki.

AO token holders gain access to an environment where both health experts and beginners can unite to share resources, learn more, and collaborate on advancements in the health space. But it’s also a way to meet like-minded people inspired by the possibilities of what new technology and the opportunity of web 3.0 can bring to fruition. IRL events, expert fireside chats, utility amounting to over $600k, and access to some of the leading minds in the space make Apex Optimizers a valuable and revolutionary stepping stone to a future where decentralization and collaboration will be how we build our communities – and our society.

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