Conquer Cortisol With Rootine’s Precision Stress Program

Rootine TeamFeb 07, 2023

At Rootine, we’re on a mission to empower everyday people to leverage their data to achieve optimal health. We use technology to connect the dots between your health data and nutrition solutions that are ideal for you.

Since launching in 2019, we have enabled 100k+ people to unlock better daily health support through our at-home lab tests, Smart Multivitamin, and personalized insights dashboard. We are now excited to expand into acute health categories that matter most to our members, starting with stress.

Why stress?

The White House Administration has described the nation as experiencing an “unprecedented mental health crisis.” The majority of adults are suffering from stress: 76% report experiencing at least one symptom and 1 in 4 adults reported that most days are so stressful they can’t function. Within our members [60%] experience elevated daily Stress.

Stress has a direct correlation with physical and mental health. Our body’s natural stress response is effective for short bursts of time, but problems arise when we are chronically stressed. Chronic stress continually triggers the body's stress response, keeping us in fight-or-flight mode longer than the system is designed to support.

“Stress is at the root of most health problems people are facing today: anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleep problems, brain fog, digestive distress and more. Healing your stress response heals your body.” - Sarah Morgan, MS Clinical Nutrition, Head of Nutrition Innovation at Rootine

How you experience stress is incredibly personal, so solutions need to be tailored to the individual and people are searching for solutions. In Google’s annual “Year in Search” report shows that searches focused predominantly around mental and physical health, specifically getting stronger physically and how to manage mental health issues like stress and anxiety. Searches including keywords like “coping” and “managing” were a common trend, but at Rootine, we want to offer more.

“Together, we can go beyond coping and managing. We’re creating a world that is empowered to optimize both their physical and mental health.”

Today, we introduce our Precision Stress Program - a hyper-personalized solution to take control of your stress at-home including:

  • quarterly cortisol testing
  • personalized action plan and supplement recommendations
  • access to 1:1 support from an expert (optional add-on)
  • tracking stress improvements overtime

Unlike traditional offerings targeting stress, we’re bringing all of the pieces together into a dynamic and holistic program that is designed to address the full spectrum of stress responses at the root. It's more than just a medication, a meditation, or a one-time stress test. The Precision Stress Program unlocks powerful data from your stress response and turns it into an actionable and personalized plan that evolves with you as you measure and track your results.

The Details: A Hyper-Personalized Solution to Stress

The Precision Stress Program is a personalized, data-first program designed to make taking control of stress easy. By combining technology and tailored action plans, your Precision Program dynamically updates based on your results. The program includes:

  1. The At-Home Stress Test: Cortisol levels are measured throughout the day via a simple saliva sample upon waking, mid-day, and before bed for insight on how stress impacts entire day.
  2. Personalized Action Plan + Education: Your stress is as unique as you, so your action plan should be too. Rootine creates a personalized plan including supplement, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations based on each individual's stress type. Users can also opt-in to work one-on-one with our Clinical Nutritionist and stress expert to help carry out their plan.
  3. Trackable Progress: Using Rootine’s dashboard, users can prove their plan works by experiencing results firsthand and tracking progress through quarterly re-testing, ensuring their plan evolves as their stress does.

Taking control of your health is possible. Chronic stress and unbalanced cortisol levels can feel overwhelming, but we’re passionate about providing solutions that work for you. Get started conquering your stress - it’s easier than you think.

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