Do You Need Daily Vitamin Packs?

Jun 21, 2021

Do you take vitamin packs? If not, you might be missing out on vital vitamins and nutrients. Daily vitamin packs are one option to get necessary nutrients. They come in capsule, microbead, powder and liquid forms and offer a more personalized solution. The only way to know the right nutrients needed in those packs is through data. One-size-fits-all pills in simple vitamin packs only get you halfway – you might be missing vital doses of nutrients that are crucial to your biology.

In this blog we will explore if vitamin packs are right for you and, if the answer is yes, how to find the best option.

How vitamin packs work

Vitamin packs contain pre-dosed vitamins, minerals, and/or specialty micronutrients and are often created for daily use. They can be personalized or can contain the same number and/or dose of micronutrients for every individual. Some companies will create personalized offerings based on a lifestyle quiz, while other, more innovative solutions, create precision personalized daily packs tailored to more health data.

There are a variety of brands that offer subscription options. Some subscriptions are created for specific health conditions, while others are meant to support daily cellular nutrition and health goals.

The micronutrients that come in the packs can contain capsule-based supplements, liquid vitamins, powders, microbeads, or some combination.

Benefits of vitamin packs

There are many benefits to vitamin packs: they can be tailored for your specific needs, you get a wider variety of nutrients, they offer greater convenience, and they may help you reach your health and wellness goals more easily. Nutrition is a key aspect of maintaining and improving health. Most American diets lack adequate daily micronutrients to maintain optimal cellular nutrition. The CDC indicates 80% of people don't eat all recommended foods daily ([source] and [source]) indicating a lack of daily micronutrients from diet alone.

Achieving and maintaining optimal cellular nutrition is critical for overall health. Inadequate daily micronutrient intake can impact many aspects of health including stress, fatigue, mood, metabolism, sleep, immunity, and more.

Pre-dosed vitamins and supplements can help you get the micronutrients you need daily. Thousands have reported benefits like lower stress and improved overall health and wellness.

The nutrients in vitamin packs

Each brand and each vitamin pack will have a different set of ingredients. You need data on the ingredients so you can make an informed decision about the vitamin pack to choose. It is important that vitamin packs don't contain micronutrients that may be harmful to your body or block uptake into the body if they use the same channels. Ingredients like artificial fillers, colors, and flavors are also commonly found in many packs.

More innovative brands offer precise micronutrient formulas and dosing tailored to your biology and health data. For personalized solutions, the nutrients in each pack will also vary from individual to individual.

Choosing the best vitamin pack for your body

Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before choosing your vitamin pack:

  • What is my health goal? (Weight loss, pre-natal care)
  • Do I need specific vitamins or nutrients for my lifestyle and activities? (Omega-rich diet, vegetarian)
  • How often will I take vitamins and supplements? (Daily, weekly)
  • Do I have trouble taking pills?
  • What does my health data say about my nutrient requirements?

Individuals have unique health concerns and health and wellness goals they are looking to achieve. Are you trying to conceive or pregnant, are you looking to loose weight, do you have a hormonal concern? Answering yes to questions like this could guide you specific products tailored towards your specific needs.

Do you have an active lifestyle or have unique activities that you enjoy? Perform at your best throughout by maintaining adequate levels of micronutrients to support your body during those activities.

Intake cadence and your ability to swallow large pills also play a role here. Are you looking for a solution to take daily? Are you comfortable swallowing multiple large capsules or would you prefer an easier-to-take solution like microbeads?

The last critical factor is understanding your health data and what your biology says about your nutrient needs. Analyzing and incorporating lifestyle, DNA, and blood test results into your daily nutrient solution is important to support overall health and the development of healthy bones, muscles, skin, metabolism, and nervous system. Micronutrients, like Omega 3 and Iron, can be beneficial for some people while harmful to others based on DNA. Personalized vitamins and supplements exist for both women and men as the best vitamins for men will often differ from the best vitamins for women.

Getting Started

If you are not taking daily vitamins or supplements, or if you are still guessing which vitamins and supplements you should be taken, it may be time to rethink your approach. You may be missing essential vitamins, minerals, and specialty micronutrients from your daily routine.

If you take vitamins, it is important to make sure they you are getting all the necessary micronutrients that will help you optimize your health and daily performance. Solely relying on vitamin packs or dietary supplements with a one-size-fits-all approach may be causing you harm or may not be providing the benefits you are looking for, especially as the body ages.

Precision Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs: Rootine

Rootine creates daily vitamin packs utilizing microbeads that are customized to your biology, lifestyle and goals. A team of clinicians and medical experts built Rootine from the ground up to give you the best supply of precision personalized micronutrients in a unique delivery format: microbeads. Each daily micronutrient pack contains the right micronutrients for you so that you can be sure it's not missing anything crucial to your biology.

As a Rootine member you get personalized cellular nutrition, without the guesswork and Rootine's personalized vitamin packs are delivered to your door with free shipping. To shop, visit the site and subscribe to our newsletter to gain access to exclusive content and product updates. You can also take a free nutrition and lifestyle quiz to gain interesting health insight.

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