How To Add Blood Data To Further Customize Your Rootine

Rootine personalizes your daily vitamin pack based on DNA, lifestyle, and blood data. To satisfy the blood component (optional but recommended), we offer a few options:

  • Option 1: Order the Rootine Metabolic Test, which uses a next-gen analysis to show how nutrients are working in your body based on blood and urine metabolites. Samples are provided with a virtually painless finger prick and dried urine sample. Coming soon… (2020)
  • Option 2: Order an at-home blood test from our testing partner EverlyWell. A virtually painless finger prick is all you need to learn about your vitamin B6, B9, B12, or vitamin D status. You can easily upload these values into your Rootine dashboard.
  • Option 3: Easily upload blood nutrient values into your Rootine dashboard that you’ve obtained from a recent physician-ordered blood test.

Why We Chose EverlyWell:

EverlyWell offers testing for vitamin B6, B9 (aka folate), B12, and vitamin D. After surveying our members, we learned that these are some of the nutrients that you are most interested in, and EverlyWell’s tests are convenient and affordable. EverlyWell offers:

Price and Ease

EverlyWell is the leader in at-home blood testing and offers affordable pricing. Tests can be completed in as little as 5 minutes and results are available in about 1 week. The tests relevant to Rootine include:

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Customer Data Protection

EverlyWell offers a sound and progressive data security policy:

“For our published research, we always anonymize, de-identify and aggregate data. Customer information is only shared with the third-party lab and physicians that are part of our testing process. Under no circumstance do we ever sell our customers' data, and we use state-of-the-art, bank grade encryption to ensure data security.

Validity and Science

It’s a common misconception that labs need entire vials of blood to run a blood test. In reality, many common tests can be done with only a small amount of blood. EverlyWell offers collection and extraction methods that meet rigorous standards for reliability, stability, fidelity, and validity for use in at-home blood spot collection, and partners with CLIA-certified labs to ensure accurate and timely results.

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About Rootine

Rootine creates the best daily vitamin for your body by using real science and personal data. We analyze your DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle data, create the perfect mix of up to 18 nutrients for your needs, and deliver direct to your door.