Rootine Partners with 3x Muay Thai World Champ Ognjen Topic

Rootine TeamOct 28, 2021

Rootine Partners with 3x Muay Thai World Champion Ognjen Topic

Rootine is thrilled to partner with three-time world champion in Muay Thai, Ognjen Topic.

Diligent, focused, and technique-oriented, Topic’s dedication to perfecting his craft of kickboxing has left him with multiple titles, including Lion Fight World Champion, World Boxing Council North American Super Featherweight Champion, and World Kickboxing Association North American Lightweight Champion.

When he’s not refining his technique, he spends his time designing as an artist and graphic designer.

We’re proud to work with him to continue the conversation on the importance of personalized nutrition to overall health and success. Welcome to the #RootineAthlete family, Topic!

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