Rootine Partners with Olympic Medalist + WNT Player, Lauren Sesselmann

Jun 14, 2022

Rootine is excited to introduce our newest Rootine Athlete, Olympic Medalist and former 2011-2015 Canadian Women’s National Soccer team member, Lauren Sesselmann. Sesselmann retired from her full-time career with the National Women’s Soccer League in 2017, after playing professionally for 15 years. Currently, she plays semi-professionally with the Santa Clarita Blue Heat, winning accolades such as Defensive Player of the Week as recent as the start of June 2022. Sesselmann was born in the United States, but played for the Canadian National Team in the 2012 London Olympic Games as her father is Canadian. She attended Purdue and collegiately played for their soccer team all four years while setting six records for the team in goals, points, assists, game-winning goals, multiple-goal games, and shots on goal registered. Their team was named First Team All-Big Ten for two years, once in 2003 and again in 2005.

After playing collegiate soccer, Lauren began playing professional club soccer for multiple leagues before being drafted to the Chicago Red Stars as the 44th overall pick in the 2009 Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPS) draft. Once the WPS expanded to the NWSL in 2014, she was selected 3rd overall by the Houston Dash in the expansion draft. After a two year break from the league, Sesselmann signed with the Santa Clarita Blue Heat in 2017, where she continues to play semi-professionally.

In 2011, Lauren helped Canada win a gold medal at the Pan American Games, an Olympic-style competition for athletes from all nations of the Americas prior to the Olympics itself. Then, at the 2012 Olympic Games, she started all six of Canada’s matches, leading to their eventual bronze medal and making them the third best team in the world that year. In 2015, Sesselmann played for Canada in the FIFA Women’s World Cup which was held in Canada. Canada Soccer honored Lauren alongside fellow teammates from the 2012 Olympic Bronze team in 2017.

Currently, Sesselmann is a business-woman, podcast host, model, actress, sports agent, entrepreneur and trainer. She is a mentor, trainer and camp coach for amateur athletes, the host of the NFL podcast, About The Game, and on-air talent for 110 Football. In her lifelong career playing the fast-paced game of soccer, Sesselmann knows how vital it is to be on top of your performance and is excited to partner with Rootine. She states, “I was drawn to Rootine for one big reason; the company goes into depth on analyzing YOU instead of creating a product that's generic to all bodies. Everyone's body is different, including what their body needs or is deficient in. Rootine's tests determined exactly what I needed based on my body's health data, like DNA and blood levels. That curated experience is really beneficial to making me feel my best as a person and an athlete. Plus, it's affordable. Who doesn't want a boutique product at a budget price?”

Rootine is thrilled to partner with Sesselmann - a leading female athlete who is accomplished both on and off the field. She lives the peak performer ethos, and her values align well with Rootine. Lauren is highly regarded, not only in her sport, but also amongst other professional athletes given her skilled footwork, charisma, entrepreneurial spirit, and positive outlook on life. Stay tuned to see the future of this fruitful partnership.