Rootine Partners with UFC Athletes

Rootine TeamOct 05, 2021

Rootine Partners with UFC Athletes, including Champion Matt Brown and Rising Stars Miranda Maverick and Austin Hubbard

Rootine is thrilled to announce a partnership with UFC pro athletes Matt Brown, Miranda Maverick, and Austin Hubbard. With superhuman force, power, and energy needed on a daily basis, these fighters know their unique strengths – and the unique nutritional needs of their bodies to fuel that strength.

Stoic, determined, and dedicated to his sport, MMA veteran Matt Brown embodies all the qualities of a Rootine athlete who not only takes care of his nutritional intake, but also rises to success amidst hardship and setbacks.

Born and raised in Jamestown, Ohio, Brown struggled with substance abuse and turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with various frustrations. His addiction lasted well into his twenties, at which point he overdosed on heroin and nearly lost his life. He then realized if he could survive the worst of addiction, he could survive anything. Matt “The Immortal” Brown was born.

Fate met opportunity when he signed up for his first fight with little notice when another fighter didn’t show up for his match. With no previous training, he bought gloves and a mouth guard from a shop across the street and returned to face his opponent – and won.

After realizing his talents, Brown set off on his journey to recovery and started training professionally. He now holds 25 wins and is tied for the UFC knockout record.

Brown lives outside of Columbus and keeps a disciplined training and nutrition schedule. When he's not training, he enjoys spending time with his three kids and fiancee. He is the owner of Immortal Martial Arts Center and co-founder of Immortal Coffee. At 40 years old, his body shows no signs of slowing down and continues to perform at its peak every day.

Also joining the partnership are Miranda Maverick and Austin Hubbard. Maverick grew up learning self-defense tactics and tricks from her father and recently moved to Denver, Colorado with her fiancee to train with the best. Maverick holds 11 wins and an 80% grappling accuracy, among other impressive stats. She continues working and going to school to make her dream of fighting professionally possible.

Austin Hubbard first practiced wrestling and played football prior to his fighting career. What started as a hobby to maintain his fitness turned into a professional career as Hubbard now competes in the Lightweight division in the UFC and holds 13 wins. He is also training in Denver, Colorado.

We are proud to partner with this ultimate trio and excited to work together to bring the importance of personalized nutrition to the forefront of the superhuman technique and power that is MMA.

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