Rootine’s Chief Scientist Officer and Co-Founder, Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD handles all raw-material sourcing, and focuses on finding the most natural and bio-available products available. All testing, manufacturing, and product development is completed at our licensed medical-grade genetics laboratory. The lab carries ISO 9001, 15189, and 22000 certifications, follows all FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), completes rigorous in-house and 3rd party testing, and participates in an interlaboratory proficiency program to ensure accurate genetic testing results. We test new supplier shipments for toxins, heavy metals, bacteriology and vitamin content, and continue to do this until we are assured of their quality. We then perform random shipment testing (vitamin content and bacteriology) and additional testing on more sensitive substances (e.g. compounds that have a low stability). We perform all necessary tests to determine the stability of each nutrient in pellet form, and this testing is completed for every substance. As an additional measure to maximize stability, we frequently produce small batches of pellets to minimize the time between production and consumer use.


Sound science, research, and clinical backing is carried throughout Rootine. Our process and product stands on more than 400 peer-reviewed studies that detail gene-nutrient interactions (i.e. nutrigenetics), the efficacy of our chosen nutrients, and our use of lifestyle and metabolomic data to determine precise dosing. We adhere to EFSA-described nutrients ("European Food Safety Authority" which is an extremely strict scientific governing body), which ensures you are receiving nutrients that have a proven benefit in humans and premier safety profile. All genes we test have reached medical-grade scientific backing to support their nutrient interactions, which means this interaction has been shown in at least three separate studies conducted by three separate researchers in three separate study populations.


The microbeads were developed over 3+ years to provide the capability to offer precision nutrient dosing (to the mg or mcg) while simultaneously offering premier absorption properties. The microbeads are made from the raw nutrient, pharmaceutical grade cellulose and starch (this forms the slow release matrix), and coated in sustainably-farmed beeswax. Each microbeads undergoes rigorous testing during the research & development phase and additional quality, potency, and purity testing during production phases. The 6+ hour sustained-release nature of the microbead helps maintain optimal blood nutrient levels throughout the day while simultaneously providing time- and spatial-nutrient separation to ensure optimal uptake.


We adhere to EFSA-described nutrients to ensure our customers receive a formula exclusively comprised of nutrients with a proven, long-standing efficacy and safety profile in humans. In addition, we choose nutrient forms that have the largest volume of literature backing their use. As new literature and mechanistic understanding of nutrients forms advances, we continue to update and reformulate our suite of microbeads.

The nutrients we currently offer are: Vitamins B2, B6, B9 (folate), B12, D, E, C, and magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, calcium, ALA (alpha lipoic acid), MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), phytosterols, CoQ10, and omega-3s.

At-Home Testing

It is our mission to make biometric testing more accessible to you, while maintaining a premier level of analysis and data security. Our DNA Test (performed via cheek swab) and Vitamin Test (blood analysis performed via finger-prick) are processed at our certified medical-grade laboratory where your data is protected with the same measures as your medical data is protected at hospitals. Our Lifestyle Quiz is completed online and provides information about your age, weight, diet, and lifestyle habits. Your data is never sold, nor shared, with any 3rd party that is not associated with creating your personalized health products.

The DNA Test analyzes your inherited genetics to determine how your body absorbs, distributes, metabolizes, and excretes nutrients. The Vitamin Test reveals your current nutrient status, and can be repeated to show your nutrient levels improving. Both data points are extremely valuable when determining your optimal dose for each nutrient.


Our laboratory is medically-licensed and carries top tier certifications, including ISO 9001, 15189, 22000, and 22617 certifications, follows all FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), completes rigorous in-house and 3rd party testing (Institut Kurz, GE), and participates in an interlaboratory proficiency program to ensure accurate genetic testing results (100% testing accuracy over 10 years).

We have a no-doping substance guarantee with testing results from NSF Europe.


Answers to frequently asked questions here! For more information, contact us at hello@rootine.co

How Rootine Works
Rootine is simple, convenient, and 100% personalized. Here is how it works:Step 1: Choose your tests. Options include an at-home DNA test and at-home blood nutrient test, or to upload data from tests you've already completed (i.e. 23andMe, Ancestry.com or a blood test from a physician).
Step 2: Learn about your body by viewing your test results in your Rootine dashboard.
Step 3: Get your personalized nutrition. Options include truly Personalized Daily Vitamins or detailed Nutrigenomic Reports.We combine your DNA data, blood testing, and lifestyle factors (like diet) to custom-make your daily packs. All shipping (including the tests) is free.Not ready to commit yet? Take our free Lifestyle Quiz to see initial results and gain access to your Rootine dashboard.
Mass-market vitamins are designed with a “one-size fits-all” approach, which has consistently failed in the past. These generic multivitamins do not take into account any of our inherent biological differences, which directly influence our nutrient needs. Your genetics matter. Your blood status matters. Your lifestyle habits matter.In fact, our research shows that, on average, if you take 20 different vitamins and minerals (i.e. a standard generic multivitamin):- One will be harmful
- Two will have no effect
- The rest will be incorrectly dosedDifferences in lifestyles, current nutrient blood levels, and genetics (your DNA) all play a role in the types and dosages of vitamins and supplements that will work best for YOUR unique body. We take this all into account when analyzing your data and creating a truly personalized multivitamin.
Each point of data provides valuable information about your nutrient needs. When used in combination, they also provide context to the other data points and result in a comprehensive picture about what is going on inside of your body.
The differences are dramatic. We are the industry leader because we use more data to customize, our approach is fully science-backed, and our microbead delivery system provides precise dosing and optimal absorption.Other "Custom" Vitamin Brands: Most other companies solely use a lifestyle quiz to select pre-made, single-nutrient pills to go into your daily pack. While better than the mass-market “one-size-fits-all” approach, it is not enough. This method lacks important data and dosing precision. Without contact from DNA and/or blood data, lifestyle data can provide misleading information about your true nutrient needs. These brands are also stuck to static nutrient doses. If their lifestyle quiz identifies that you need a nutrient, you get the same dose that everyone else receives,. This may not be the precise amount that you need.Rootine: More data equals more precision. To create a complete picture of your nutrient needs, we analyze your DNA, current blood nutrient status, and lifestyle data. Each data point is incredibly valuable on its own and even more useful when used to provide context to the other data points. We calculate and provide the exact dosage (down to the microgram) for each vitamin and mineral in your pack, by adding single microbeads at a time.
The timeline depends on how you provide DNA data. You can either, (1) complete Rootine's at-home DNA Test or (2) upload raw data from 23andMe or Ancestry.com.(1) Take Our DNA Test: DNA analysis takes approximately 2 - 6 weeks once the sample has reached our lab. Once your results are available, we produce your vitamins and ship them direct to your door, which takes an additional 1 week. To expedite this process, please complete your DNA test promptly when received and follow the instructions closely.(2) Upload DNA Data: You will receive your vitamins 2-3 weeks after your uploaded DNA has been analyzed. Remember to enter blood data (if available) immediately after uploading your DNA file.
If you wish to cancel, you can email us at hello@rootine.co or in your dashboard under the "Order Status" tab there is a button labeled "Request Cancellation."In order to avoid being charged for your next three month subscription, you must cancel 30 days prior to the end of your current three month subscription.Please Note: Once your vitamins are in production, we are unable to cancel your Rootine subscription. Due to the highly personalized nature of Rootine vitamins, we are unable to accept returns.
You pay in monthly installments (3-months). We bill your credit or debit card in 3 installments:Payment 1: Completed at checkoutPayment 2: 30 days after checkout.Payment 3: 30 days after your 2nd payment (60 days after checkout).*Re-orders also come in a 90-day supply, billed in 3 installments
Need to update your payment information* or shipping address? Simply reach out to us below or at hello@rootine.co*Please do not send new credit or debit card information via email - we’ll follow up with a secure link to use once we hear from you!
Of course, simply reach out to hello@rootine.co to pause your membership.Please note that while you're able to initiate a pause at any time, billing will continue through the final payment of your current subscription cycle, if you chose to pay monthly. From that point, we’ll pause your next shipment until you’re ready for more vitamins and unpause.
Due to the highly personalized nature of the Rootine nutrient packs, we are unable to accept returns or issue refunds once the packs have entered production. We cannot issue refunds on DNA tests or blood nutrient tests once they have been sent back to Rootine, as analysis has begun.
microbeads and nutrients
Vitamins: B2, B6, B9 (Folate), B12, D3, C, EMinerals: Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iron, SeleniumSpecialty: Phytosterols, Alpha Lipoic Acid, MSM, CoQ10, Omega-3s (extra charge)
This is the industry-leading format we've developed to deliver your vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in the best way possible.Our plant-based microbeads contain primarily natural & 100% vegetarian ingredients. Each microbead is made of pure, raw ingredients, and coated with natural, sustainably-farmed beeswax.We focus on what you need and avoid unnecessary fillers, artificial colors, and other useless ingredients that big supplement companies include in their vitamins.
  • Our microbeads provide precision dosing and personalized formulations.
  • Our microbeads are slow-release, providing a steady release of nutrients throughout the day.
  • Our microbeads allow for us to include a full range of nutrients in your pack with no absorption interference (e.g. calcium and zinc).
Microbeads enable us to mix any micronutrient formula quickly and accurately.The nutrients encapsulated by the microbeads are better protected from oxygen and remain stable for longer periods of time compared to liquid preparations or powdered forms.Microbeads provide optimal nutrient absorption using a slow-release format. Nutrients are delivered throughout the day in small doses, in comparison to a large dose all at once seen in most form factors.The microbead system also prevents issues related to contraindicated nutrients (e.g. calcium and zinc) due to time and spatial nutrient separation. For example, calcium and zinc use the same uptake channels during absorption. When large amounts of these nutrients are introduced into the intestine at one time (common with dietary supplements) the uptake channels are overwhelmed and absorption is negatively affected.
Taking microbeads is easy once you get the hang of it. You have two options...1) With Water - First, tear off the small white strip from the pre-cut notch. Next, cup your tongue to catch the microbeads and pour about half of the packet onto your tongue. Finally, purse your lips to a cup of water and (this part takes some practice) simultaneously sip the water into your mouth while swallowing the microbeads. Repeat until packet is gone.2) On Food - Open the packet by tearing from the pre-cut notch and pour the microbeads onto your favorite food. We love stir them in yogurt, chia pudding, and pre-blended smoothies.Remember, you don't want to bite, chew, or blend the microbeads. An intact microbead is flavorless but a crushed microbead is not!Also, we don't recommend pouring the microbeads into a glass of water. They sink to the bottom and stick to the sides.
When selecting the raw materials, we place great emphasis on quality. Where possible, we give preference to biological sources of micronutrients and microbead constituents.The microbeads consist of indigestible vegetable fibers and we obtain nutrients from pristine and efficacious sources, like calcium from calcified algae cultivated in clean waters around Iceland, biological magnesium filtered from seawater, and phytosterols from soy-free pine.These nutrients are sourced by Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer PhD and undergo rigorous quality and purity testing.Approximately 90% of the nutrients in your daily pack are of natural origin. This may vary slightly due to your unique formulation.
Some active ingredients that we require are not readily available from natural sources or would require unethical sourcing. In these cases, we use pharmaceutically manufactured micronutrients to ensure that our customers receive optimal nutrient efficacy and safety.In addition, these micronutrients remain stable for longer and are particularly pure.Our laboratory produced raw materials are first-class quality, undergo rigorous testing, and sourced by Dr. Wallerstorfer PhD.Your packet contains approximately 10% pharmaceutically produced nutrients. This may vary slightly due to your unique formulation.
  • You can use your raw data from either 23andMe or Ancestry.com. We will analyze the data and incorporate it into your new Rootine formula.
STEP 1: Access your genetic raw data by following the steps here: for 23andMe and here: for Ancestry.com. These instructions will generate a .txt file of your genetic results.STEP 2: Once you've saved the .txt file, follow the steps below to upload the information to Rootine:
      1. Navigate to your customer dashboard: DNA Test Results
      2. Click the orange 'submit genetic data' button
      3. Click 'choose file' and locate the saved .txt file
NOTE: If you do not have access to your dashboard yet, simple complete the free Lifestyle Quiz to gain access. Not all genetic tests are created equal. Depending on the test, you could be missing analysis on some genes that we analyze with our algorithm. We are not associated with 23andMe or Ancestry.com.

The cheek-swab DNA test analyzes gene variants that are scientifically proven to impact your nutrient needs.The report will show you which of these genes work well and which don't, and how these gene variants impact the doses of nutrients in your daily packs.You'll learn which nutrients you need more of or less of, and which nutrients will be helpful vs potentially harmful.
Genes are our body's blueprints and control every function in your body. This includes how you use and absorb nutrients.A gene mutation (i.e. change) can impact how the gene works. When this happens, corresponding vitamins and minerals are absorbed, metabolized, or utilized improperly. When we identify a mutation, your dose or nutrient type is adjusted accordingly to bypass or support these inefficiencies.DNA analysis can reveal which vitamins and minerals your body needs, and which dosages are best.
The Blood Vitamin Test analyzes blood levels of vitamin B9, B12, D3, hs-CRP, and homocysteine to guide dosing for B2, B6, B9, B12, D3, C, and omega-3s in your Rootine daily packs.Repeated Blood Vitamin Tests are plotted in your Rootine dashboard so that you can see progress as your blood levels change. In addition, this information is also fed back into our algorithm to inform your dosing at an even deeper level.The test is completed in ~5 minutes at your home. All that is required is a painless finger prick. Put the samples in the mail and you are done! Analysis performed at our CLIA-certified laboratory.
Including blood level data will further customize your vitamin recommendation, but it is not required.You can obtain blood data by ordering an at-home test from Rootine or requesting a blood nutrient test from your doctor or local lab. The latter two options require a manual upload of the data (in your dashboard) when you receive your results.
In your dashboard, navigate to the "Other Blood Results" tab and manually enter nutrient values that you have received from a recent blood test.Note: Depending on the type of blood test you have completed, you may not have values for all available nutrients. Enter the data you have and leave the rest blank. If a value is not entered, your dose for the corresponding nutrient simply will not be affected by the blood data component.
Most doctors, clinics and labs can order a blood nutrient test for you.If you are requesting blood testing through your physician, we take into account the following values:calcium
coenzyme Q10
vitamin A
vitamin B12
vitamin B2
vitamin B6
vitamin C
vitamin D3
vitamin E
zincYou can upload any number of nutrient values and are not required to have a value for every nutrient. If a value is not provided, the dosing of the related nutrient will not be impacted by the blood data component.
data security and lab info
Your data is private and secure. We make a commitment with each customer that your data will never be sold, shared, or used in any way other than to create your custom vitamins or other personalized Rootine products.We take data privacy and security compliance very seriously and employ leading technical measures to keep your personal data secure.Take a look at our "Data Security (specifics)" tab below or privacy policy to learn more.
Due to our lab’s approval to carry out medical genetic tests, our lab must meet particularly high data protection requirements. Regular audits and internal and external controls check that we meet the strict requirements.The employees of our laboratory are subject to medical confidentiality and are regularly trained in data protection. The data of our customers at our lab is treated with the same confidentiality as is standard in hospitals and medical practices.In order to prevent unauthorized access to customer data, our lab’s systems are equipped with the latest security measures and only employees that explicitly require access to this data can access. Every access to sensitive data includes the identity of the respective employee to guarantee traceability of data requests. The lab also utilizes two-factor authentication.The genetic samples are not labeled with names, instead with an encrypted QR code. As an additional security measure, genetic and personal customer data sets are divided after receipt and stored on different servers.As soon as genetic analysis is completed, the samples are rendered unusable. They are removed from the containers and sprayed with a solution that reliably breaks down the DNA.As an approved human genetic laboratory, our lab follows the standard recommendation for medical labs and stores genetic data for seven years after its last use, as described above. This enables the genetic analysis and recommendations within this period to create additional rounds of personalized vitamins and for additional experiences specific to the customer (i.e. further personalization of their vitamin). The genetic data can be deleted at any time upon request.We use the data received only for the intended purpose and never pass or sell it on to third parties.
At-home health test sample processing is completed by vetted third-party laboratories that carry CLIA and ISO certifications. Nutrient production occurs in a facility that follows all FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Nutrients also undergo rigorous in-house and 3rd party testing.