Microbeads are the platform we have chosen to deliver our nutrients. The following is the thought process that resulted in this form factor.

Why Microbeads?

Time-Tested, Clinically-Proven Nutrients in an Innovative Form

To solve the issues of legacy nutrient delivery systems, we built our platform on microbead technology. Although microbeads are more expensive to develop and require a huge upfront investment in machinery to produce and to personalize formulas - the benefits these beads provide are well worth it.

Tasteless, natural coating; 6+ hr slow-release matrix, research-backed nutrients

Why Microbeads


The Most Powerful Ingredients


Our microbeads and nutrients are vegetarian - with the exception of fish oil (providing omega-3s) and vitamin D3. These can be removed from your formula if you wish.

3rd Party Tested

The raw materials are tested prior to microbead production, the finished microbeads are then tested, and finished full formulations are batch tested. These tests are carried out both in-house and via 3rd parties.


We adhere to nutrients with proven benefits as determined by scientific review from the European Food Safety authority, the most stringent governing body of nutrient claims.

Clinically Proven

We exclusively use clinically-proven nutrients that have long-standing track records of benefit and safety in humans.

Why Are Microbeads Better Than …

Most companies in the “personalized health” space exclusively rely on legacy pills and capsules to deliver their nutrients. They have an immense supply chain, are inexpensive, and customers are familiar with taking this form factor. However, these delivery systems completely lack the ability to truly personalize doses.

Pills and Capsules

The doses of nutrients are fixed and the same for each customer; you either get a standard dose of a nutrient in your pack – or you do not.

Pills and capsules also typically dissolve rapidly in the stomach and small intestine, leading to a rapid release and subsequent absorption of nutrients into the body. While marketing tactics may lead you to believe this is a benefit, it actually can hinder nutrient absorption and fails to provide optimal blood nutrient levels throughout the day for certain nutrients.

Vitamin pills and capsules

Liquids and Powders

These delivery methods unlock the ability to personalize nutrient doses; however, they quickly run into issues with nutrient stability, formulation stability, and the same absorption issues found in pills and capsules.

Liquids are…wet. In an aqueous environment, vitamins and minerals can react with each other and break down. Powders, a cost-effective and easy method of personalization, have an issue due to the particle size of each nutrient. Whether these size differences are due to the differences in chemical structure of the nutrient or the differing manufacturing standards of the various suppliers, powders have the tendency to separate over time, creating layers of disproportionate levels of each nutrient. Smaller particles will shift towards the bottom while nutrients with larger particles will rise to the top, leading to inaccurate doses when the user scoops their daily dose. In some cases, this can lead to dangerous overdosing of nutrients. Finally, liquids and powders both require additional flavors and sweeteners to be added in order to mask the poor taste of most nutrients.

Liquids and powder vitamin and minerals

Sourcing and Quality Control

We utilize a network of labs to process at-home lab tests, all of which carry the highest level of certifications. Laboratories in the USA are CLIA-certified and laboratories in Europe are ISO 15189 (European version of CLIA) certified, in addition to carrying ISO 9001, 22000, and 22617 certifications.Vitamin and Mineral tests are physician ordered and reviewed, if required. Serum tests are validated by each laboratory using research-proven methods of analysis including LC-MS and ICP-MS.For DNA Testing: Every run has 1) no-template-controls (empty swabs that must not return a result to identify issues, such as reagent contamination) and 2) known samples analyzed and checked for accuracy. Over 10+ years of operation, our DNA testing laboratory has a 100% accuracy rate, validated by a 3rd party laboratory proficiency testing organization.
Microbead production is a time-intensive and intricate process. First, raw materials are tested upon arrival. Microbeads are then created in a state-of-the-art laboratory by combining raw nutrients with a specialized slow-release cellulose matrix and coating with a thin layer of beeswax. Finished microbeads are then put through a battery of tests to determine bacteriology and nutrient activity. In addition, fully-finished consumer formulas are batch tested for microbiology, heavy metals, and banned substances (doping). These tests are performed in-house and via 3rd party laboratory to ensure accurate analysis reporting and ultimately the safest, cleanest, and most effective finished product.
We manage a robust supply chain of top raw nutrient suppliers from around the world. Choosing raw material suppliers who adhere to cGMPs and managing these relationships is led by Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer PhD, who sources raw ingredients that have the best safety and efficacy profiles, with the least impact on the environment. Approximately 80% of the nutrients offered at Rootine are of natural origin with sustainable-sourcing being a top priority. The other 20% of nutrients either cannot be reasonably sourced in a natural way or the environmental impact is too great, and thus a synthetically produced version is opted for instead.Suppliers with long-standing records of quality, purity, and potency are selected and the raw material is tested upon arrival.
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