If you advocate healthy living or like to share innovative wellness products with your audience, the Rootine Affiliate Program allows you to quickly and easily earn revenue through your online platform. If you're in the business of helping people improve their lives, Rootine is perfect for you.

Fast Facts

Our program pays a commission on all sales that are referred to Rootine from a link placed on your site, newsletter, or social profile. You're paid for every user that completes our free lifestyle quiz as well as every purchase made through that link.

  • Earn for lifestyle quiz completions
  • High converting funnel post-quiz
  • Earn for sales (pre-quiz or post-quiz)
  • Free shipping
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • 45-day cookie & deep linking

How It Works

Preferred Method - Most affiliates send qualified traffic directly to our free Lifestyle Quiz. Once the quiz is complete, the affiliate earns a small commission (similar to a CPC as our completion rate is near 90%) and the user is placed into our education funnel where they learn about Rootine's product, science, and technology. If the user decides to buy, the affiliate earns a larger sales commission (CPA). 

As Rootine is a complex product, this approach provides the best results.

Alternative Method - If you are a content creator and want to provide a detailed overview of Rootine's product, science, and technology (i.e. long-form blog, comparison articles, in-depth reviews), you can send traffic directly to our product pages for high-intent, pre-educated buyers.

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