How Does Rootine Work?

The Rootine journey revolves around the concept of Test 🠒 Take 🠒 Track.

  • Test - Complete a DNA Test, Blood Test, or both to learn about your unique cellular health needs. ~85% of our members start with both tests.
  • Take - Use your daily personalized micronutrient formula to optimize your cellular health. ~95% of our members buy the micronutrients with their tests.
  • Track - Your dashboard is a tracking tool where you can see real improvements as you retake blood tests and lifestyle tests, and answer survey questions.

If you want to start with just a test (or both), that's fine too. You can always add the Personalized Micronutrients later.

You can also upload data (e.g. 23andMe and AncestryDNA) that you already have instead of taking another test. Learn more here.