How Rootine Works

Step 1: Take the Lifestyle Quiz

Step 2: Take the DNA Test or Upload Your Ancestry/23andme data

Step 3 (Optional): Upload your blood level data (from recent blood reports showing vitamin and mineral status from your doctor or a local lab) 

We combine all of your data - DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle - to create custom nutrient dose recommendations and share the results via your customer dashboard. 

We then custom-make your daily packs and ship them direct to your door in a 90-day supply.  To make it easier for you, we bill you in 3 installments (rather than 3 months all at once). 

Interested in How Payment Works?

  • Payment 1: Done at Checkout
  • Payment 2: 30 days after your vitamins ship out to you
  • Payment 3: 30 days after your 2nd payment 

 Re-orders also come in a 90-day supply, billed in 3 installments.