Why Testing Matters

Biometric testing is essential to determine the nutrients and doses that you need.

Stop Guessing. Start Testing.

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More than 50 common genetic variations impact how your body absorbs, metabolizes, and excretes key nutrients, which can cause specific nutrient deficiencies or sensitivities. Due to genetics, most people aren't getting the right doses of vital nutrients from diet or mass market supplements.

More About Our DNA Test

We obtain this information through our at-home Rootine DNA Test or by analyzing uploaded data from 23andMe or Ancestry.com.

Genes are inherited from our parents that control every function of our body. Variations in these genes impact how nutrients are absorbed and used by our body.

With Rootine, you will learn which nutrients you need more of. Your test will reveal if you need to take extra calcium for bone health, if you need more minerals to assist with detoxification, if you need a higher level of antioxidants to help protect your body against cell damage, and much more.

An Example: 33% of the population has a genetic variation on 1 or both copies of their GPX-1 gene, which increases their selenium requirements.

With Rootine, you will also learn which nutrients you need less of. Your genes also reveal if you have lower requirements than average for a variety of factors, like maintaining a healthy metabolism or eye health. Depending on genetics, your nutrient requirements may be lower than the doses found in your standard multivitamin.

With Rootine, you learn if there are specific nutrients that can be harmful to you or have no effect on your body, thus harming your wallet. For example, if you have a variation on the HFE gene, it is recommended to avoid iron supplements. Similarly, if you have a variation on the NQO1 gene, taking coenzyme Q10 will be a waste of money.

Through next-gen metabolite technology, our blood nutrient test analyzes 18 nutrients, 10 amino acids, and much more to deliver a comprehensive report on how nutrients function in your body, your dietary intake, metabolic functions, and detoxification systems.

More About Our Blood Test

Metabolite testing analyzes byproducts of nutrient utilization and greater metabolism. If the levels of these byproducts are too high - or too low - we learn that the body is under- or over-using certain nutrients or metabolic processes.

We analyze more than 80 metabolites and are one of few laboratories in the world that have the capability to perform this analysis. Through these deep insights, our process learns which nutrients you need - and the correct doses - in order to provide optimal support to your body.

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Factors like your height, weight, age, dietary preferences, exercise status, and more provide a baseline range for the nutrients you need and what level of nutrients you're likely obtaining. We layer DNA and blood data onto this baseline understanding of your body.

More About Our Lifestyle Quiz

Once the lifestyle quiz is completed, our algorithm auto-adjusts your formula as you age. In addition, you can re-take the lifstyle quiz whenever you go through a major lifestyle change. If you start a new diet, are trying to get pregnant, or change your exercise regimen, these changes impact your daily nutrients needs.

Rootine changes as you change.

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Rootine is a science-backed company, supported by more than 400 scientific reports. We exclusively test for genetic variants that are proven to impact nutrient needs and the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that we offer are proven to be effective in humans.

We hold ourselves to medical-grade bar of proof, which requires consistent results between (at least) three separate studies by three unique researchers in three distinct populations.

In addition, Rootine leverages more data than any other company to ensure your personalized nutrition is accurate and precise. DNA data, blood nutrient data, and lifestyle data are all important and provide valuable context when used in tandem. This is the only way to create a complete picture of your unique nutrient requirements.

Our team has pioneered much of the biotechnology in the nutrigenetic and nutrigenomic fields and all test analysis and custom nutrient manufacturing is completed in our certified medical-genetics laboratory.

Rootine's suite of nutrients is exclusive to research-backed vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients (like CoQ10) that have reached our medical-grade bar of proof for safety, benefit, and scientific backing.

How the nutrients are delivered into the body matters too. Over 3+ years of R&D, we developed the Rootine microbead form-factor which represents the premier nutrient delivery system in the industry.

These microbeads provide extremely precise dosing (to the microgram) as well as optimal bioavailability due to slow-release (10+ hour) and time- and spatial-nutrient separation. For those who dislike swallowing pills, the microbeads offer an easy and convenient alternative to pills and capsules. 

The key to truly personalized health is through biometric testing. Without testing, your health becomes a guessing game.

Rootine offers two at-home tests completed in ~5 minutes. The DNA test requires a simple cheek swab and the blood test requires a finger prick and dried urine sample.

The DNA test analyzes 50+ gene variants that have been scientifically proven to impact nutrient absorption and metabolism. The DNA test determines which nutrients you need more of, less of, which can be dangerous to you, and which form they need to be in. This test guides dosing of all 18 nutrients.

The blood test uses a new type of testing technology, call metabolite analysis (80+ metabolites anlyzed), which shows how nutrients are functioning in the body - not just the level they are at like traditional blood testing. This test guides dosing of 10 nutrients and provide insight into other aspects of metabolism, like detoxification status, protein utilization, and glucose metabolism.

Tests are processed in our ISO 9001, 15189, and 22000 certified medical-genetics laboratory that follows all cGMP guidelines, and has achieved 100% test accuracy over 10+ years. Your data is 100% secure and is never sold or distributed.