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"'s the most rooted-in-science approach to daily vitamins we've ever seen. Nutrigenetics, or the way common genetic variations infleunce how your body absorbs, distributes, metabolizes, and excretes key nutrients - has been around for years and measures the relationship between our genes, our health, and our diet."

"As a result, Rootine is different from other so-called “custom” vitamin brands that offer a “one size fits all” approach. Thanks to this sophisticated process, what you receive are truly personalized vitamins. The company uses its proprietary algorithm to sort through all the available information about your current health and creates a specialized vitamin lineup for your nutritional needs."

"For those who are interested in making sure their health routine is perfectly tuned to them, Rootine offers a truly personalized service, and its approach to vitamins is sure to shake up the wellness industry."

"You’ll get scientifically proven benefits of every vitamin in your daily pack. And you can rest assured knowing that Rootine employs high standards of scientific research for each nutrient — everything you’ll find in your daily Rootine must have at least three independent studies reflecting its benefits."

"The vitamins are delivered directly to one’s door. This makes the process convenient, easy-to-use, and simple. Those who use this vitamin service may find that getting and taking their vitamins is all the easier."

"Because we're all so busy, it's difficult to sit down and calculate what we're eating on a daily basis and see what's missing from our diet. We can take supplements to fix that, but figuring out what we actually need takes more time and energy than we have to give."

"Rootine then took that information and delivered a daily multivitamin full of everything I need — and nothing I don't — in a handy packet of "bioavailable microbeads...Bonus: Each packet has my name on it — and I'm a sucker for a personal touch."

"You know we've reached peak #wellness as a society when our vitamins are worth bragging about on Instagram. But even the trendiest daily capsules are no match for the science-backed beads set to revolutionize your routine...They're basically the couture version of vitamins."

"Supplementing based on your individual needs is a smarter route that reduces your risk for vitamin toxicity (and saves you from spending on supplements you don't need). Rootine goes even deeper than Care/of and HUM."

"This is great news for anyone who has a weak stomach…you can literally sprinkle the vitamins on your salad, in your shake or, if they need to be taken on an empty stomach, in some water throughout the day."

"We all roll through our day to day with different goals + lifestyles, so it’s no surprise that mass-market multivitamins are outdated. Of the vitamins Americans take: some are harmful, useless, and a majority are incorrectly dosed. Trust me when I say, they use real science to formulate each pack."

"Genetic experts will send you a three-month supply of a slow-release (and super pretty) microbead formula designed exclusively for you."

"With single-serve mutlivitamin sachets filled with colorful pellets fortified with nutrients, start-up Rootine wants to revolutionize the multivitamin and personalized nutrition space. What’s new about Rootine’s approach, other than the delivery format, is that the company can tailor dosing according to a subscriber’s genetics and blood plasma levels."