Personalized Nutrient Solutions

Prime IV has partnered with Rootine to offer the most scientifically advanced nutrition supplement and personalized IV therapies based on your DNA. With this test, you will discover your unique nutritional deficiencies caused by genetic and biological factors.

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Our partnership ensures you receive the exact nutrients your body needs.

This is done through testing and data analysis.
No other IV hydration company has these capabilities.

Nutrigenetic DNA Test

We test 50+ genetic markers to determine exactly how your body absorbs, distributes, metabolizes, and excretes key nutrients. These results are compared against 400+ peer-reviewed articles to generate a precise nutrient recommendation to best support your body.

Your results can be used to create a personalized daily nutrient formula or taken to your local Prime IV for customization of your IV infusion.

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Personalized Oral Micronutrients

The results from your DNA test can be used to create a 100% personalized daily nutrient formula with 18 clinically-proven nutrients dosed to the mcg to support your body.

This formula is delivered via microbead technology that provides precision dosing, enhanced nutrient absorption, and helps maintain optimal blood nutrient levels throughout the day with sustained 12-hr release technology.

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Personalized IV Infusions

Your DNA results also enhance your Prime IV nutrient infusions. Your results can be exported and taken to your trained Prime IV technician to personalize your IV's and ensure your body is getting the exact nutrients it needs, both orally and IV.

This is included with the DNA test at no charge.

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