Rootine Is Biotech Working For You

Rootine is a biotech company focused on optimizing human outcomes through highly personalized nutrition. We use technology to analyze our customer's unique biological makeup to create precise and accurate nutrient recommendations based on the scientific body of research. We track outcomes and re-apply the populational analysis to continually improve our algorithm and push the scientific community forward with deep understandings of prescriptive nutrigenetics.

To achieve the healthiest you, understanding your DNA, blood status, and lifestyle habits... it all matters.

How DNA Influences Your Nutrient Needs

Your hair color, your ability to digest lactose in milk, and hemochromatosis (iron overload) are all directly related to genetic makeup. These are just a few examples of how variations in your genetic code can alter how your body functions, and in particular to Rootine's case use, absorbs, distributes, metabolizes, and excretes key nutrients. This is the science of nutrigenetics and we’ve been compiling the research and building our process for nearly 10 years.

How We Think About Blood Data

Different blood tests reveal different types of information. Traditional blood tests show how much of a nutrient is in your blood, which is used to determine if you are at a deficient, normal, or elevated level. Another type of testing, called metabolite analysis, uses byproducts of nutrient utilization to infer how well a nutrient is working in the body. Both types of tests provide vital data that is used to determine an accurate dose for your body.

Lifestyle Is Important To Us But Not Overstated

This is the most intuitive data point. The nutrients you eat through diet, your height, weight, age and gender, the way you exercise and move, how much sunlight you get, your daily stress levels, etc., etc., these factors all influence how much of a nutrient your body is getting and how much it needs to optimally live the way you do. That said, we feel other personalization companies over-rely on lifestyle data, which can be quite misleading without context provided by DNA and blood data.

Our Pipeline

COMPLETE (2010 - 2019)

  • Laboratory Accreditation and Certification
  • Headquarters and Distribution (Logistics)
  • Microbead Research, Development, and Testing
  • Precision Personalization Manufacturing Capabilities
  • 18 Nutrients Produced as Microbeads
  • v1 Watick™ Algorithm
  • v1 User Dashboard
  • Rootine (beta)
  • Rootine (alpha)


  • v2 User Dashboard
  • Additional Clinical Advisors
  • Iron Microbead Upgrade
  • Phytosterol Microbead Upgrade
  • Vitamin E Microbead Upgrade
  • Zinc Microbead Upgrade
  • v1 Quantitative and Qualitative Results Tracking


  • v3 User Dashboard
  • Magnesium Microbead Upgrade
  • v1 Rosli Machine Learning
  • Omega-3 Micro-Caplets
  • Solution-Specific Probiotics
  • v2 Watick™ Algorithm To Include Probiotics
  • Develop New Testing Capabilities
  • v2 Quantitative and Qualitative Results Tracking



  • Rosali ML Populational Nutrigenetic Observations
  • v3 Watick™ Algorithm To Include Skincare

What is Watick™ and Rosali™?

These are the names given to the intellectual property that power the Rootine process. These programs generate bespoke nutrient recommendations by comparing biometric data to peer-reviewed research and validate that the recommendations are providing the desired results across different demographics and genotypes.

Watick™ Algorithm

This is our algorithm that aggregates the provided biometric data (DNA, blood, and lifestyle) and compares your profile to peer-reviewed research in order to determine how your unique biological factors impact your daily nutrient requirements. The “Watick” name is an ode to Watson and Crick who discovered the double helix structure of the DNA molecule.

Rosali™ Machine Learning

This is our machine learning software that analyzes internal populational data to generate real-time learnings that both validate the Watick™ nutrigenetic recommendations and adapt the algorithm to ensure optimal outcomes. We can publish these insights into prescriptive nutrigenetics to help push the scientific community forward. The “Rosali” name is an ode to Rosalind Franklin who used x-ray crystallography to propose a helical structure for DNA (her work was used and confirmed later by Watson and Crick). She died at age 37 from cancer (from her research use of x-rays) and was only honored posthumously for her DNA work.

Our Machine Learning Creates A Deeper Understanding Of Science

Our process creates a closed-loop positive-feedback data experience for the user, their data, and their formula, as well as for all Rootine user's at a populational level. As our customers test and use their personalized products, our system becomes even smarter and directly applies the gained knowledge to the user's formulation and the Rootine process as a whole.

See How It Works

Customer Adds Biometric Data

Watick™ Algorithm Compares Data to Research

Watick™ Combines Data Points to Provide Singular Output Per Nutrient

Customer Uses Biometric Personalized Supplement

Customer Provides New Biometric Data

Watick™ Compares Biological Changes and Reformulates

Rosali Machine Learning Creates Research Populations Based on Matched Biometrics

Rosali Assesses Biological Improvements Based on Formulations and Biometrics

Rosali™ Generates Clinical Insights Into Treatments and Outcomes Based on Biometrics

Rosali Applies Learnings to Watick™ to Enhance Algorithm


Dr. Harris MD
Clinical Advisor

Jordan Mazur RD
Clinical Advisor / NFL

Dr. Wallerstorfer PhD
Co-Founder & CTO

Rachel Sanders MBA
Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Diaz PharmD
Clinical Advisor

Tye Jensen BS
Founding Team