truly personalized nutrition

Back in the 2000's.

The field of genetics was exploding as the cost to sequence DNA dropped from the 10's of thousands to hundreds of dollars.

Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer PhD and his team of biotechnologists and geneticists were setting up their laboratory (Novogenia) to study genetics and provide medical-genetics testing services.

Over 10+ years, this team created a complex understanding of how each person's unique genetic code impacted how their body absorbs, distributes, metabolizes, and excretes key nutrients; the science of nutrigenetics.

Dr. Wallerstorfer and team developed an at-home nutrigenetic DNA test that analyzes genetic variations that have been clinically-shown to impact nutrient requirements.


Dr. Wallerstorfer PhD and Rachel Sanders MBA teamed up and founded a team to develop a complex algorithm designed to combine nutritionally-relevant DNA data, blood data, and lifestyle data in order to provide a single, sophisticated, and research-backed nutrient recommendation based on the total biometric data.

This was the first time that immense volumes of personal data could be analyzed in real-time, weighed against research, and combined into actionable output, without the need for expensive and time-consuming consultation from health professionals. Rootine, a process that puts personalized nutrition in the hands of the consumer, was born.

The unique relationship between Rootine (biotechnology company) and Novogenia (medical genetics laboratory) was formed and remains strong to this day.

Over time, more brands came to market in the "personalized nutrition" space but all lacked meaningful components of premium, data-centric personalization. Meanwhile, the Rootine team was busy working on an intuitive dashboard for users to access their formula and data, an at-home blood test to compliment the DNA test, and a microbead delivery system which allows for custom nutrient dosing to the mcg / mg and solves the absorption issues of capsule-based and pill-based legacy models.

2021 and beyond.

While Rootine's technology, manufacturing capabilities, and laboratory far exceed the market competition, the work is not done.

In 2020, many improvements were made to the dashboard, microbeads and nutrient form-factors were improved, nutrigenomic weight management & athletic performance packages were added, and quantitative & qualitative results tracking was enabled.

2021 marks a doubling-down on algorithm development and a machine learning platform to "close the loop" and provide real-time technology and formula enhancements while furthering the field of personalized health and nutrigenetics through populational studies. In addition, the laboratory analysis time for DNA and blood test, as well as the cost, will be brought down substantially.

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