What Your Genes Say About the Vitamins You Really Need

September 28, 2020

Humans have an average of 2,000 genetic variations that impact health.

Genes are composed of strands of DNA, they contain all the information that makes our bodies unique. Genetic variations are caused by random mutations in the combination of genes we inherit from our parents. These variations can be normal, benign or harmful.

Genes control the way we digest, absorb, and utilize nutrients. Variations in genes can turn helpful nutrients into harmful ones, and vice-versa. The science of how genetic variations impact nutrient processing and nutritional requirements is called Nutrigenetics.

More than 400 peer-reviewed clinical studies confirm the link between genetic variations and nutritional requirements. A mutation on any one of 52 genes can impact the way you body processes one or more vital nutrients. For example:

Examples of Gene Mutations Impacting Nutrition:

- A mutation in the VDR gene, which creates the Vitamin D Receptor, results in less efficient binding between vitamin D and the cell receptor. Carriers need ~2x more vitamin D.

- A mutation in the MTHFR gene, which creates the enzyme that activates folate, reduces the efficiency of the folate enzyme. Carriers often need pre-activated folate (methylfolate).

- A mutation in the HFE gene, which alters the way the body regulates iron absorption, causes Carriers to absorb far too much iron which becomes poisonous to the body.

- A mutation in the CYP1A2 gene, which encodes an enzyme responsible for metabolizing caffeine, causes carriers to metabolize caffeine slowly. Carriers have an increase risk of adverse effects.

So what does this mean for your vitamin and supplement needs?

It means that biometric testing, primarily a nutrigenetic DNA test, is the first step in achieving optimal health and wellness. This test analyzes 52 genetic variations to identify your risk for deficiency of, or sensitivity to, 18 vital nutrients. In addition to understanding your genetic risk factors, a lifestyle quiz and blood nutrient test should also be considered.

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