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Blood Nutrient Test Kit

Measure your nutrient status and learn about your metabolism with next-gen metabolite analysis.

This at-home test measures 18 nutrients and 10 amino acids to provide deep insights into your dietary intake, metabolism, and detoxification systems.

Meet Your Metabolism

We'll dig into your biochemistry to help you answer...

  • Are key nutrients working efficiently in my body?
  • Am I eating enough protein or breaking it down too fast?
  • Does my body detoxify heavy metals well?
  • How healthy is my metabolism and mitochondria?

Personalized Next Steps

This test provides actionable steps to improve your body and personalizes your daily formula by guiding the dose of 10 key nutrients:

  • Vitamin E, B6, B9 (folate), and B12
  • Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, and Iron
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid and CoQ10

How It Works

A painless finger-prick produces a few drops of blood and urine is deposited onto filter paper. After the samples dry, they are returned to the envelope and shipped to the lab.

How Is Our Testing Superior?

Traditional blood testing shows how much of a nutrient is in the blood, referred to as the "blood level" of said nutrient.

However, many factors influence how a nutrient actually functions in the body and the level only reveals how you compare to the population standards. Your optimal range for each nutrient could be considerably higher or lower than the norm.

Metabolites are byproducts of nutrient metabolism. We analyze 80+ metabolites to provide deep analysis into your metabolism.