Blood Vitamin Test (Special Price)
Blood Vitamin Test (Special Price)

Blood Vitamin Test (Special Price)

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Measure your vitamin D, vitamin B6, B9 (folate), and B12 levels with this painless at-home test. When you retest, you can see your levels change over time and you will know that your Rootine is working and your body is optimally supported.

  • 72-hr results lab turnaround 
  • CLIA-certified, COLA-regulated lab
  • At-home finger prick test
  • Proven ELISA technology

Test results are populated in your customer dashboard.

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Your health data (DNA, blood, lifestyle, and formulation) is 100% private. We make a commitment to you that your data will never be sold to a third party or used for any reason other than to create and perfect your personalized health products. We take data privacy and security compliance seriously and employ leading technical measures to keep your personal data secure.

Our laboratories, nutrient sourcing, and custom-formula manufacturing are the finest in the industry.

  • Nutrient sourcing is performed by Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer PhD.
  • Certified ISO 9001, 15189, 22000, 22716 medical-genetics laboratory.
  • CLIA-certified, COLA-regulated, high-complexity laboratory.
  • All nutrients undergo rigorous in-house testing, including multiple quality / purity / contamination checks from raw material to finished product.
  • All nutrients have clinically-demonstrated safety and efficacy.
  • 3rd-party testing is performed by NSF and Institut Kurz laboratory.
  • Nutrients have a Banned Substance Free Guarantee (tested by NSF).