Measure your vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B9 and vitamin B12 levels with this painless at-home test. Track your levels over time, you'll know your Rootine is working and your body is optimally supported.

  • 72-hr results lab turnaround 
  • At-home finger prick test
  • Proven ELISA technology

Test results are populated in your customer dashboard where you can track your nutrient level changes and progress over time.

Step 1: Take the Lifestyle Quiz

Step 2: Take the DNA Test or Upload Your Ancestry/23andme data

Step 3 (Optional): Upload your blood level data (from recent blood reports showing vitamin and mineral status from your doctor or a local lab) 

We combine all of your data - DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle - to create custom nutrient dose recommendations and share the results via your customer dashboard. 

We then custom-make your daily packs and ship them direct to your door in a 90-day supply.  To make it easier for you, we bill you in 3 installments (rather than 3 months all at once). 

Interested in How Payment Works?

  • Payment 1: Done at Checkout
  • Payment 2: 30 days after your vitamins ship out to you
  • Payment 3: 30 days after your 2nd payment 

 Re-orders also come in a 90-day supply, billed in 3 installments. 

Our plant-based microbeads contain primarily natural & 100% vegetarian ingredients. No more horse pills.

Unlike most multivitamins, our microbeads are slow-release, providing the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals to your body throughout the day (rather than dumping large amounts into your system all at once). 

Rootine’s microbeads are safe, bioavailable, and the best form for you:

  • The perfect dose and nutrient form for your body
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or fillers  
  • Quality tested at each step  
  • Engineered for bioavailability and absorption

Your Data is Private. It's that simple.

At Rootine, we make a commitment to you that your data will never be sold to a third party. We take data privacy and security compliance seriously and employ leading technical measures to keep your personal data secure.