Precision health is the future. No guessing, just knowing the ideal solutions for you based on your biology.

Precision Health

Complex Science, Simple Solutions

We take the complexity out of precision health, transforming your data into actionable insights and easy-to-use products that support your health.

We combine peer-reviewed research, clinical expertise, and the power of personal health data to design and deliver ideal solutions for every individual based on biology and health goals.

Go beyond personalized, get precise solutions that work.

The Data We Use

100+ data points to create a whole picture of you.
We consider DNA, blood, hormones, diet, activity, sleep, stress levels, and more. Each data point plays a critical role in understanding your baseline health and in determining what your body needs to perform optimally.

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We all have different lifestyles and goals. Taking into account diet, sleep, activity levels, and age is critical when creating nutrition formulas and recommendations

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Blood nutrient levels help you discover where are your levels are today and get to the root of what you may need to work on. Sub-optimal levels suggest need for higher or lower amounts of specific nutrients.

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Genetics play a role in how our bodies process and absorb nutrients and if extra nutrient support may be beneficial surrounding specific health categories.

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Hormones play a critical role in maintaining overall health and wellness. Imbalances in hormone levels can lead to a variety of health problems, including stress, weight gain, sleep concerns, fatigue, and more.


Michael’s Vitamin D is sub-optimal, so his smart multivitamin formula has an increased amount

Vitamin D3
Vitamin B2
Omega 3s
Folate (B9)
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Top Experts, Better Health

We brought together world-renowned scientists, clinicians, and medical doctors to enable innovative solutions that can positively impact member health.

Nutrients That Matter

We focus on nutrients that are time-tested and research-proven to be critical for optimal physical and mental health. Our smart multivitamin formula is made up of microbeads, small nutrient powerhouses engineered for optimal absorption.

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Smarter supplements, tailored to you.