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Achieve optimal health with precise formulas informed by your health data
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The future is here

Next-Gen Daily Nutrition

The most accurate micronutrient formula to optimally support your cells. Created for you based on your health data, not everyone else's.


How We Create Your Personalized Formula

Your Health Data

Upload health data you have or test your body with Rootine's at-home DNA or Blood tests for nutrition health


Science + AI

We combine the latest in science and technology to create the most accurate formula and deliver the most precise dose of micronutrients for you


Health Tracking

Optimize your health, track your goals, and discover how your formula changes with you all via your customer dashboard


Achieve More

Perform at your best in work, parenting, and everyday life through reduced stress, more energy, and mental clarity.

Unlock Fitness

Unlock your peak athletic potential by creating an impenetrable metabolic foundation to perform and recover at your best.

Maintain Health

Positively impact every aspect of your health by improving cellular function through targeted cellular nutrition.

For anyone

Suffering from fatigue, stress, brain fog, and more

Discover key health insights and leverage 100% personalized products to feel your best.


Don't take our word for it

As a physician, I only support companies I would use myself. Rootine is giving me, my family and my patients a better life.

Dr. Gary Cook

Tampa, FL

As a business woman I travel often. It's great just throwing a few packs in my bag and knowing I'm completely covered.

Sarah Klaben

Denver, CO

I can tell that my energy is up and my body is better at handling daily stress, which is important as I run two businesses while completing my masters degree.

Richard Marton

Columbus, OH

I'm careful with what I put in my body. I appreciate Rootine's rigor around testing, nutrient sourcing, and laboratory credentials.

Nathan Sanders

Nashville, TN