Precision multivitamins & at-home lab tests, tailored to you.

Achieve greater energy, focus, and immune support. Conquer fatigue, stress, and brain fog.

How Rootine Works
Start Personalizing

Take the lifestyle quiz to set up your health profile, get your results inside your personalized dashboard, order your at-home lab tests, and connect health data you already have

Complete Testing (Optional)

Complete your DNA and blood tests and send them back in their pre-paid packages to our CLIA-certified labs for analysis.

Get Your Results

See actionable insights from your health data analysis and view your precision multivitamin formula optimized for your specific needs—inside your Rootine dashboard.

Level Up Your Health

Take your Rootine multivitamins, track your progress, and watch your health data improve along with your energy, productivity, and focus.

Beyond personalized.

Precision nutrition targeted to your unique biology and health goals.

Time-tested, research-proven, 20 nutrient blend, specific to you

Discover the best nutrients to optimize your body & mind

We analyze 100+ health data points to deliver actionable health insights and the most accurate and precise nutrient formula available.

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Know what is working, and improve what's not.

We monitor your health through in-app tracking and at-home lab tests to improve your insights and fine-tune your nutrient formula overtime.

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Uncover the root cause of your symptoms

A comprehensive analysis to uncover if micronutrient deficiencies are behind your fatigue, brain fog, productivity loss, mood imbalance and more.

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Trusted by top athletes
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"I freaking love Rootine. Their product is brilliant. It works. Why buy some generic random multivitamin when you can get it tailored specific to your needs?”

"That curated [Rootine] experience is really beneficial to making me feel my best as a person and an athlete."

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"Rootine aids in my recovery. Since taking it I feel more energized, stronger, and focused. I have a long road ahead of me and glad Rootine is along for the ride."

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"I take rootine to help me sustain throughout the day during my many hours of training from morning until night."

About Matt Brown
Matt Brown embodies all the qualities of a Rootine athlete who not only takes care of his nutritional intake, but also rises to success amidst hardship and setbacks. He holds 25 wins and is tied for the UFC knockout record. Born and raised in Jamestown, Ohio, fate met opportunity when he signed up for his first fight with little notice when another fighter didn’t show up for his match. With no previous training, he bought gloves and a mouth guard from a shop across the street and returned to face his opponent – and won. After realizing his talents, Brown set off on his journey to recovery and started training professionally. When he's not training, he enjoys spending time with his three kids and fiancee. He is the owner of Immortal Martial Arts Center and co-founder of Immortal Coffee.
About Lauren Sesselmann
Lauren Sesselmann retired from her full-time career with the National Women’s Soccer League in 2017, after playing professionally for 15 years. Currently, she plays semi-professionally with the Santa Clarita Blue Heat. In 2011 she helped Canada win a gold medal at the Pan American Games, in 2012 assisted Canada wining the Bronze in the Olympics, and in in the 2015 represented Canada in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Currently, Sesselmann is a business-woman, podcast host, model, actress, sports agent, entrepreneur and trainer.
About Brianna Decker
Brianna Decker is the USA ice hockey Captain. Recognized as one of the greatest hockey players of her time, Decker is headed to her third Olympics this February. She is also the recipient of the Patty Kazmaier Award, which recognizes the top female ice hockey player in the NCAA Division I.
About Miranda Maverick
Miranda Maverick grew up learning self-defense tactics and tricks from her father and recently moved to Denver, Colorado with her fiancee to train with the best. Maverick holds 11 wins and an 80% grappling accuracy, among other impressive stats. She continues working and going to school to make her dream of fighting professionally possible.
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