Rooted in the science of circadian health with results you can see feel and track

Why Circadian Health ?
Your circadian rhythm is the body’s 24-hour clock and it regulates everything about human physiology. Yet, the modern world is programmed to work against it. Small disruptions like daylight savings, long work hours, pre-bedtime screen use, and late-night eating, can have a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing. At Rootine, we believe that balancing your circadian rhythm is the next step to optimized health.
Results you can see, feel and track
We're committed to delivering effective products. Explore and understand your overall health with our at-home lab tests for informed decisions and targeted support. Utilize your existing data from wearables to track health goals with results you can see feel and track in real time.

Did you know?

In 2017, the Nobel Prize in Medicine celebrated groundbreaking circadian health research, a pivotal moment that fueled our passion to delve deep into the science. This prestigious recognition underscored the significance of understanding our circadian rhythms—an often overlooked aspect of well-being.

Targeting your health at the cellular level
Metabolic Processes.
The timing of cell division and DNA repair mechanisms.
The immune system and activity of immune cells.
The timing of your energy production and detoxification.
Cellular responses to stressors based on the time of day.