Hi! We’re Rootine

We are mothers, fathers, scientists, and nutrition experts on a mission to deliver better health solutions so that you can reach your most vibrant health, from the inside out.

Personalized Daily Health
In response to consumers' increasing health awareness, we challenged the conventional "one size fits all" approach by introducing our Smart Multivitamin. Our unique formula, backed by three at-home lab tests and microbead technology, provides personalized dosages for optimal nutrition without unnecessary additives.
Targeted Supplement Solutions
We believe that balancing your circadian rhythm is the next step to optimized health, so we built a smart supplement system rooted in the science of circadian health. Developed by a team of experts, scientists and nutritionists our next generation adaptogen powder blends target sleep, stress, and mood - the key concerns disrupting our circadian health.

  • Human First

    Every individual deserves to live a life of vitality and well-being. We empathize, we listen, and we embrace the unique journey of each person.

  • Smart

    We continually seek knowledge and stay ahead of the latest advancements in health and wellness so you don’t have to.

  • Innovative

    As pioneers in the health and wellness industry, we embrace cutting-edge technology, leveraging its potential to revolutionize the way you perceive and manage your health.

  • Accessible

    We believe that health is a fundamental human right, not a privilege.  We are committed to democratizing health and science.