Precision nutrition
Precision nutrition uses health data, such as genetic composition (DNA), blood levels, and metabolism, and lifestyle factors, such as physical fitness, dietary habits, and environment, to create comprehensive targeted nutrition recommendations. 
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Vitamins come in many forms – pills, capsules, liquids, powders, and our method, microbeads. There are many issues with the first four approaches. Pills and capsules do not allow for personalization of nutrient doses and fail to provide dosing essential to maintaining optimal nutrient levels. We will dive into five reasons microbeads are the best way to receive personalized vitamins and minerals and the many benefits associated with our personalized daily multivitamin subscription service.
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Do You Need Daily Vitamin Packs?
Do you take vitamin packs? If not, you might be missing out on vital vitamins and nutrients. Daily vitamin packs are one option to get necessary nutrients. They come in capsule, microbead, powder and liquid forms and offer a more...
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