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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide for Wellness-Oriented Moms

Mother's Day is a time dedicated to honoring the amazing moms, mother figures, and caregivers who enrich our lives every day with their love and selflessness. Finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task. You want to show her how much she means to you with something truly thoughtful, but you also don’t want to break the bank doing so. That’s why we created the ultimate gift guide to help you find the perfect gift she’ll love. 

Gift Categories Tailored for Every Mom

1. For the Supermom


For the mom who juggles work, home, and everything in between, offer the gift of calm.

  • Designed to bring your body out of fight or flight in real time 
  • Maintain healthy mood and upgrade resiliency
  • Delicious Blood Orange flavor adds function to any boring beverage
  • Clinician formulated
  • All-natural adaptogen powder drink mix

Stress Support is the perfect gift for moms looking to find a moment of calm in their bustling lives.

BONUS: Make her this delicious Blissful Blood Orange Spritz to sip on while she sits back and relaxes

2. For the Entrepreneurial Mom


For the mom who has a to-do list that only grows

  • Improve mental energy and optimize productivity.
  • Elevate the mind's potential, making it easier to maintain focus.
  • Kick the afternoon slump without the extra cup of coffee
  • Clinician formulated
  • All-natural adaptogen powder drink mix.

Focus is the perfect gift for moms looking to energize her entrepreneurial spirit and maximize her efficiency.

BONUS: Make her this Raspberry Mint Mojito Mocktail at about 3pm, and she will be thanking you for how much more she’s able to get done!

3. For the Mom Who Deserves Rest


For the mom who has trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep. 

  • Melatonin Free, giving you all the benefits of a sleep aid without the unwanted side effects
  • Supports holistic body health.
  • Supports restful sleep you can see, feel and track on your wearables
  • Clinician formulated 
  • All-natural adaptogen powder drink mix

Sleep is the perfect gift to ensure your mom gets the quality sleep she deserves, without the unwanted side effects. 

BONUS: Make her our signature Berry Good Night Mocktail about 30-60 minutes before she goes to bed, and she should wake up feeling refreshed! 

4. Wellness and Self-Care: For Every Mom

Beyond targeted supplements, consider creating a self-care package with wellness essentials like:

  • A luxurious spa set for an at-home pampering experience. We personally love Fontana Candle Company for their non toxic approach. 
  • A water bottle to mix Rootine’s adaptogen drink mixes. We love the VISP, a water bottle with a built-in electric mixer!
  • Blue blocker glasses to help promote a better sleep/wake cycle. These from WOOP are one of our favorites. 
  • Blackout sleep mask to promote restful sleep and less disruptions. Manta Sleep has some great options

These thoughtful gifts will show her that her health and happiness are your top priority.


This Mother's Day, go beyond the traditional gifts and choose something that speaks to her love of wellness and encourages self care. All Rootine products are formulated by women with women in mind. They are all-natural, non-GMO, vegan + gluten free, and formulated with no added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Additionally, they are third party tested and science backed, so there is no question that they are good for you and are designed to truly make a difference in your daily health routine.

Ready to find the perfect gift for Mom? Shop now and make this Mother’s Day one she’ll remember.