Blood Orange Spritz Mocktail featuring Stress by Rootine

Calm in a Glass: Blissful Blood Orange Spritz Recipe

Feeling curious about trying a tasty mocktail that not only delights your taste buds but also brings a sense of calm? We've created the perfect drink for you! Try this Blissful Blood Orange Spritz, a drink crafted for those seeking balance in life's chaos, this drink is like a peaceful oasis in a cup.

Whether you're someone who loves wellness and needs a break after a hectic day, a professional aiming for a calm start to your day, or is sober/ sober curious looking for an alcohol free drink that still helps you relax, this recipe is your go-to for peace of mind in the daily hustle.


Wellness in Every Sip

Our Blissful Blood Orange Spritz is no ordinary mocktail; it's a blend of nature's best combined with our all natural adaptogen drink mix, Stress. It promises to uplift your mood, boost resilience, enhance focus, and even strengthen immunity, making hydration a delightful and healthful ritual.

Transform your water routine into something extraordinary with this easy and delicious mocktail. It's time to relax like never before with a fast acting, functional, and delicious drink you'll want to make everyday.


  • 1 stick pack STRESS, our adaptogen mix
  • 1 cup sparkling water
  • 1 freshly squeezed orange
  • 1/2 lemon
  • Ice cubes
  • Optional: orange slices for a garnish


Let's Enjoy Some Me-Time

1. Prepare Blood Orange Mix:

  • Pour 1 stick pack of STRESS into an empty cup with one ounce of water and blend with hand mixer. Let sit for 60 seconds and watch the beta-carotone orange color blossom! 

2. Add orange and lemon juice 

3. Combine Blood Orange Mixture, citrus juices and 1 cup of sparkling water

4. Add ice and garnish the mocktail with orange slices for a burst of citrus aroma


Rootine's Stress Support drink mix ingredients#size_24pk


In a world that moves fast, finding quick relief that's refreshing and delicious is a true gem. Head to and get yourself some Stress Support now!  

Give it a try and make sure to share your delicious master piece with us on social @rootine_co

Cheers to less stress!