Your body is unique,
your nutrition should be too.

Precision daily micronutrients engineered using your DNA, blood, and lifestyle data.

How Rootine Works
Order Your Personalized Kit

Order your precision multivitamin membership and choose the health data we use to uniquely tailor it.

Test Your Genes and Biomarkers

We leverage AI to combine 100s health data points with 1000s of clinical studies to produce a precision micronutrient formula just for you.

Take Your Precision Formula Based on Test Results

Experience the full-body benefits of a precision micronutrient formula designed to optimize your biology, and delivered to your door.

Track Progress and Re-Test to Continuously Optimize

Track and improve your health with personalized and easy-to-use health tools in your member dashboard.

Member benefits

Boost productivity, unlock fitness, optimize health and improve energy, stress, brain fog, and more.

You’re 1 in 8 billion

Daily Nutrition

Introducing the most accurate micronutrient formula developed specifically for you to optimally support your cells. We have over 700 trillion micronutrient formulas, each containing customized doses of vitamins, minerals and compounds.

100+ health data points

Precision Engineered
For You

Precision multivitamin formulas with 19 vitamins, minerals, and specialty compounds developed based on your test results and health goals.

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Vegetarian + Sugar Free
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6+ Hour Slow Release
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Precision Doses
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100% Secure Data
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3rd Party Tested

Health starts in the cell

Cells are the building blocks of your body. Nourishing them is key to overall health and longevity. Improving cellular nutrition translates to more energy, improved stress management, better metal clarity, less brain fog and more. The key is to identify key cellular nutrient needs and deliver optimal doses every day.

What people are saying
Sarah Klaban
As a business woman I travel often. It's great just throwing a few packs in my bag and knowing I'm completely covered.
Dr. Javier Diaz PharmD
It's great to see what Rootine is accomplishing by bringing personalized nutrition services to the world. Just a few years ago, this level of testing and bespoke plan of action would cost many thousands of dollars. This is a huge step forward.
Dr. Javier Diaz_Rootine
Dr. Gary Cook
Licenced Doctor
As a physician I only support products I would use myself, Rootine is giving me, my family, my patients a better life
Richard Marton
PhDc and Business Owner
Nutrition has always been interesting to me but frankly I'm too busy to dive into the research and figure out what works and what doesn't. With Rootine I know I'm getting what I need.
What the press is saying
Optimize your health with a precision multivitamin membership
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