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Cortisol Test

Get a personalized snapshot of your cortisol pattern throughout the day with this 3 point at home lab test.

Optimize energy + alertness, sleep quality, stress management and hormonal balance.

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Rootine Cortisol Test Kit
Rootine Cortisol Test Kit Contents
Cortisol Steps

Discover the powerful insights hidden in your cortisol pattern.
 It's not just about stress; it's about understanding the ebb and flow that influences your energy, mood, and overall well-being.

We use your unique cortisol curve to generate a personalized recovery plan. High or low cortisol imbalances reveal different symptoms - it’s not a one size fits all solution.

How It Works

  • 1. Test Your Cortisol

    Easily test your cortisol pattern, from home, by collecting a saliva sample upon waking, mid-day, and before bed. Send your sample back to the lab in your pre-paid mailer and receive your results in under 1 week.

  • 2. Unlock Your Results and Hyper-Personalized Plan

    Understand your cortisol curve, discover your stress type and receive a personalized lifestyle recommendation from our clinical nutritionist. You’ll also receive product recommendations to help balance your natural rhythms with 1:1 support available along the way.

  • 3. Track Progress and Feel Improvements

    Put your personalized lifestyle recommendations into practice and experience better energy, mood and overall well being. Our body’s change season to season. Test every quarter and track your progress through your personal dashboard to see how your levels improve.

Rootine's Cortisol Test Kit
Rootine's Cortisol Test Insights dashboard on mobile phone
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When you are aware of your cortisol patterns, you can make informed decisions about your daily routines, stress management strategies, and sleep habits

  • Energy + Alertness

    Cortisol is often referred to as the "awakening hormone" because it helps increase alertness and energy in the morning. Recognizing the peak times of cortisol release can help you schedule activities that require focus and concentration during these periods.

  • Sleep Quality

    Cortisol levels should be lower in the evening to promote relaxation and prepare the body for sleep. If cortisol remains elevated at night due to stress or other factors, it can interfere with sleep quality. Understanding your cortisol patterns can be helpful in identifying potential factors affecting your sleep.

  • Stress Management

    Monitoring cortisol levels can provide insights into your body's response to stress. Chronic stress can lead to consistently elevated cortisol levels, which may have negative health effects. Recognizing patterns of stress and finding effective ways to manage it is crucial for overall well-being.

  • Hormonal Balance

    Cortisol is intricately connected with other hormones in the body. Imbalances in cortisol levels can influence the production of other hormones, such as insulin and reproductive hormones. Understanding your cortisol patterns can provide valuable information about your hormonal balance.

Understand your cortisol, understand yourself. Take the reins and bring balance back to your life.

What members are saying

  • “My sleep problems were from high cortisol at night. Lowering this hormone before bed was a breakthrough in my sleep.”

    Lauren, Verified Member
  • “Low morning cortisol was the reason I hit the snooze button 20 times. Optimizing my cortisol has helped me feel energized in the morning.”

    Sarah, Verified Member
  • “My high cortisol was making weight loss difficult. Balancing my cortisol has helped me lose 8 pounds.”

    Mary, Verified Member
  • “I learned so much from this lab test, game changer for my health!”

    Josh, Verified Member
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Why should I test cortisol?

Cortisol is your main stress hormone. Your cortisol levels are a critical indicator of health. Testing multiple cortisol points throughout the day helps identify where your stress response may be out of balance and how it's impacting your overall health. This data shapes your personalized recommendations for what to do and when to do it to optimize your cortisol and overall health.

How often should I test cortisol?

It’s important to start with a baseline cortisol test, learn your stress type, implement personalized recommendations, and then retest to track your progress. Testing your cortisol every 3 months is a key aspect of a well-rounded health optimization plan.

Will cortisol results impact my precision multi formula?

Yes. Stress impacts your micronutrient needs and our algorithm adjusts your formula to include your cortisol results.

What is an ‘optimal day’ to measure my cortisol?

Cortisol levels fluctuate based on stress so it's important to pick a normal day for you. This means nothing out of the ordinary, such as international travel, a big work presentation, heavy drinking, a big competition, or a poor night's sleep.