Why We Built Rootine

Before Rachel Sanders and Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD met, they were both determined to optimize their own health and performance, each on a different side of the Atlantic. Daniel, a PhD, biotechnician, nutrigenetic expert, author, and founder, was busy building Europe’s leading genetics lab, while Rachel, an ex-investment banker and MBA, had recently graduated from Harvard Business School and was in the midst of founding her first company. Both fighting stress and fatigue. Both searching for better solutions to improve performance. Both unimpressed with the status quo, they did something about it.

From his lab, Daniel built precision nutrition technology and a high-quality micronutrient product that would change the way people think about personalized nutrition and health. Rachel became an entrepreneur, inspired to make a positive human impact through next generation health solutions. Her goal of contributing to the innovative technologies democratizing and leveraging data for the quantified self made her one of the only female founders in the next generation data-driven health and wellness space.

The two of them met through a mutual mentor at Techstars, a global platform for investment and innovation, and the professional sparks flew. Driven by a common mission--to empower people to leverage their personal data to optimize health and human performance--they came together to commercialize Daniel’s precision nutrition invention. The result of this unique scientist/CEO partnership is Rootine, based in Nashville, TN.

Meet The Founders

Dr. Wallerstorfer, PhD

An expert in genetics and nutrition, with a PhD in biotechnology.

Rachel Sanders, MBA

A passionate health and nutrition expert with a degree from Harvard.

Meet The Team

Tye Jensen
Head of Business Development
Jocelyn Weigel
Head of Operations and Customer Success
Lily Hecht-Leavitt
Head of Brand
Emilie Kormienko
Marketing Associate
Josh MacDonald
Director of Performance Marketing
IJ Makan
Product Design Lead

Clinical Advisory Board

Dr. Diaz
Florian Schneebauer MS
Geneticists and Genotyping Expert
Jordan Mazur
Director of Nutrition, NFL
Dr. Harris
MD, PharmD, MBA

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