The Microbead Delivery System

Microbeads are the platform we have chosen to deliver our nutrients. The following is the thought process that resulted in this form factor.

TL;DR - We chose microbeads to deliver our nutrients because it is the only way to precisely personalize formulas and ensure optimal nutrient absorption.







Microbeads are the platform we have chosen to deliver our nutrients. The following is the thought process that resulted in this form factor.

TL;DR - We chose microbeads to deliver our nutrients because it is the only way to precisely personalize formulas and ensure optimal nutrient absorption.

Microbead Delivery System

But first, what if we didn't use microbeads?

Most companies in the “personalized health” space exclusively rely on legacy pills and capsules to deliver their nutrients. As a company enters the space, this is the alluring choice for business reasons. Pills and capsules have an immense supply chain, are inexpensive, and customers are familiar with taking this form factor.

However, this is where the benefits end, especially in terms of formula personalization. In addition, we will explore the issues with liquid- and powder-based approaches.

Problems: Pills and capsules
  • The largest failure of these delivery systems is that they do not allow for personalization of the nutrient doses. In other words, the doses of nutrients are fixed and the same for each customer; you either get a standard dose of a nutrient in your pack – or you do not.
  • While this is typically acceptable for initially correcting a nutrient deficiency, once the level of said nutrient is corrected a personalized dose is essential to keep you in the optimal range. The standard dose you were receiving may fall short of what you need for optimal daily health and fail to keep you in the optimal range - or the dose may be more than you need and while it rapidly brought you out of a deficiency, it will keep your levels too high.
  • In summary, pills and capsules only provide “all or none” personalization and fail to provide finely tuned dosing that is essential to establish and maintain optimal nutrient levels.
Problems: Liquids and powders
  • As pill- and capsule-based companies recognize the inadequacies of these systems, they often turn to liquids and powders so provide more custom dosing. Nutrient stability, formulation stability, and absorption are the issues present with liquids and powders.
  • Liquids are…wet. In an aqueous environment, vitamins and minerals can react with each other and break down. Powders, a cost-effective and easy method of personalization, has an issue due to the particle size of each nutrient. Whether these sizes are due to the different in chemical structure of the nutrient or the differing manufacturing standards of the various suppliers, powders have the tendency to separate over time, creating layers of disproportionate levels of each nutrient. Larger particles will shift towards the bottom while nutrients with smaller particles will rise to the top, leading to inaccurate doses when the user scoops their daily dose. In some cases, this can lead to dangerous overdosing of nutrients.
  • Both powders and liquids suffer from the poor taste of nutrients, which requires the addition of flavoring substances to the mixture. Finally, both powders and liquids deliver nutrients rapidly into the blood stream. While companies often take advantage of this “fast-acting” nature for marketing, the rapid delivery of nutrients into the gastrointestinal tract (and eventually blood stream) can result in poor nutrient absorption and poor blood nutrient level maintenance throughout the day.

Enter microbeads.

To solve the issues of legacy nutrient delivery systems, we have chosen to build our platform on microbead technology. Although microbeads are more expensive to develop and require a huge upfront investment in machinery to manufacture and to personalize formulas - the benefits these beads provide are well worth it.

Precision Personalization

Microbeads provide hyper-personalization. Each nutrient can be dosed to the milligram or microgram. Fine-tuning every nutrient in a customer’s formula ensures that an optimal nutrient range is achieved and maintained over time. In fact, our microbeads provide more than 700,000,000,000,000+ possible nutrient combinations, so that you get the exact nutrients you need, at the precise doses to best support your cells.

Optimal Nutrient Absorption

Pills, capsules, powders, and liquids all rapidly deposit the full dose of the nutrient into your gastrointestinal system. This can result in nauseas and reduce the absorption of nutrients; a large bolus of a single nutrient can overwhelm absorption channels. In addition, certain nutrients (e.g. zinc and calcium) use the same absorption channels and directly compete for absorption, thus reducing total nutrient absorption. Finally, depending on when the nutrients are taken in relation to fat-containing food, fat-soluble nutrients can have limited absorption.

Microbeads address these problems with their slow-release matrix. With an average dissolution rate of 6+ hours, the nutrients are gradually released into the gastrointestinal tract throughout the day. This prevents absorption channels from being overwhelmed. In addition, each nutrient is packaged in its own microbeads, which space the nutrients out in the intestine and reduce absorption channel competition between contraindicated nutrients. Finally, fat-soluble nutrients are released from their microbeads in the presence of fat which increases absorption.

Extended Blood Level Maintenance

The slow-release nature of the microbeads also helps to maintain optimal blood nutrient levels throughout the day. Certain nutrients (e.g. vitamin C) have mechanisms to regulate the level in the blood, and large elevations of nutrients in the blood are removed rapidly.

Microbeads provide a steady drip of nutrients into the blood stream which helps to keep these blood nutrient levels within an optimal range for a longer duration, leading to optimal nutrient distribution and tissue saturation

Added Fiber

Adding dietary fiber to your diet has been correlated to improved health. While complex food-based fibers are the most beneficial, the slow-release matrix of our microbeads provides between 4-8 grams of fiber per day (depending on the customer’s specific formulation).

Clean Delivery

Many supplements include “other” (i.e. non-nutritive) ingredients in the product, from flow- and anti-caking agents to preservatives to artificial colors and sweeteners.

Our microbeads represent the cleanest delivery system, using only the raw nutrient + pharmaceutical-grade cellulose and starch (this comprises the slow-release matrix) + a sustainably-farmed beeswax coating.

Dr. Wallerstorfer
Founder, CTO, PhD, BSc
Dr. Diaz
Rachel Sanders
Founder, CEO, Harvard MBA
Dr. Harris
MD, PharmD, MBA
Jordan Mazur
Tye Jensen
BS, Founding Team