Prime IV is DNA-powered nutrition

Prime IV partners with Rootine, a DNA testing and analytics company, to deliver a system that determines your exact nutrients needs, based on how your body absorbs, distributes, metabolizes, and excretes vital nutrients. This is the science of nutrigenetics and it will change your life.

     -  Test 50+ genes research-proven to impact nutrient needs
     -  Precision dosing recommendations for 18 vital nutrients
     -  Print your report for custom solutions from Prime IV
     -  Includes free lifestyle analysis

Order The DNA Test - $99

Our partnership ensures you receive the exact nutrients your body needs.

This is accomplished through DNA testing and data analysis.
No other IV hydration company has these capabilities.

Introducing Personalized IV Infusions

Your DNA results are compared against 400+ peer-reviewed articles to generate a precise nutrient recommendation to best support your body. This report enhances your Prime IV nutrient infusions. Your results can be exported and taken to your trained Prime IV technician to personalize your IV's and ensure your body is getting the exact nutrients it needs.

Report included with the DNA Test at no charge.

Order The DNA Test - $99

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