The Pill and Capsule Problem

tldr: Legacy pills and capsules are easy (and cheap) to manufacture but do not allow for personalized dosing. Microbeads are an elevated solution with additional benefits like optimal nutrient absorption and blood level maintenance. 

Pills and capsules

True personalization tells you what you need AND how much of it you need.

Most "personalized" supplement companies will tell you what nutrient you need and then force you into the dose that they have available in their pre-manufactured pill or capsule. From a business perspective, this is an incredibly cheap and efficient way to operate but it fails to provide the customer with the precise nutrient doses that they need.

If it is determined that you need more vitamin D and the vitamin D capsule they have available is 15mcg, that's what you get. It does not matter if you need 18mcg or 22mcg or 8mcg - you get 15mcg.

When taken every day, dose precision matters. A few mcg's off from your "ideal dose" might not seem like a lot but that could mean you're taking 10-20% too much (or too little) of a nutrient. Over time, this intake discrepancy can lead to a nutrient deficiency if the dose is too low or potentially an adverse accumulation of a nutrient (especially fat-soluble nutrients) if the dose is too high.

Rootine’s microbead technology and hyper-personalized approach provides precision doses for every nutrient to the mcg or mg. You get the exact amount your body needs, nothing more - nothing less.

When choosing a personalized multivitamin, ensure your choice can deliver precision dosing to the milligram or microgram so that your body is consistently getting the true optimal dose that it needs.