Tracking Really Matters

tldr: Tracking is the ONLY way to ensure that your formula is working and optimized for your body. Without tracking even great personalization is mostly guess-work.

Rootine data tracking

Tracking closes the loop and ensures that the personalized nutrient formula you are taking is working. In addition, it provides an opportunity to adjust your formula over time, which is important because your body and your health goals are always changing - so your formula should too.

We think tracking is a vital component to any health plan; which is why we are shocked that virtually no other companies in our space provide it. Understanding how you are feeling and how your blood nutrient levels are changing is essential to optimizing your formula now and in the future. In addition, this tracking is a major safety measure that virtually eliminates sever over- or under-dosing of a nutrient. 

Feeding this data back into our algorithm not only improves your own formula, but it helps improve our data analytics through machine learning. This is the key to long-term technology improvements that will pave the way to a better understanding of how to optimize the human body.

Rootine provides qualitative (how you're feeling surveys) and quantitative blood results tracking to ensure that your formula is working optimally and is adjusted over time to meet your changing needs.

When choosing a personalized multivitamin, guarantee your choice has a method to track your progress (ideally both qualitatively and quantitatively) to ensure your success and safety.