8 Reasons Why Rootine is The Best Daily Vitamin

8 Reasons Why Rootine is The Best Daily Vitamin

1. When we Say Personalized, We Mean It.

Personalized vitamins need to be based on more than a simple quiz. Rootine gets a complete picture of your body through simple tests and world class analysis to deliver a personalized daily vitamin pack completely tailored to you.  

2. Each Daily Pack is As Unique As You Are

There are 7 trillion possible combinations of vitamins and minerals in our daily vitamin packs.  We help you discover the one that is right for you, and deliver it to your door.

3. Simple and Convenient

Skip the lines, confusing articles, and time-wasting sales clerks.  Rootine sends you a 30 day supply of personalized daily vitamin packs every month filled with everything your body actually needs.   

4. Enjoy Taking Your Vitamins

Say goodbye to large, hard-to-swallow pills.  Rootine’s microbeads are easy to swallow and can be taken with almost anything – think smoothies, chia pudding, or spoonfuls of nut butter.

5. Ingredients You Can Trust

Middlemen are bad for the vitamin industry, so we cut them out.  Our vitamins are made from the purest ingredients we can find, sourced by directly by us.   

6. Expert Scientists

Rootine’s co-founder and science team built Europe’s leading genetic testing lab for health and lifestyle testing.  We care about the latest research, data, and technology – so we always use it.

7. We Obsess Over Quality

Only the highest quality ingredients, manufacturing, data analytics, and science go into each and every personalized daily vitamin pack.  

8. The Smartest Vitamin Company in the World

We combine real data, the latest research, and world-class scientists and engineers to power our proprietary algorithm, customized manufacturing processes, and innovative microbead development.

Bonus: People Love Us!

98% of our customers say Rootine helps them stay healthy!

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