New: How You Can Calculate Your Rootine Score

Rootine TeamOct 05, 2021

tldr: Your Rootine score is calculated based on the available data in your profile. Each data source is given a score (DNA has a score, lifestyle has a score, blood has a score, etc.) ranked between 1 and 100. These scores are averaged into a composite base score.

Each data source (DNA, blood, lifestyle, etc.) is given its own score which is uniquely calculated to best represent the type of data. For example, blood data is extremely granular and a score is given based on the absolute percent difference between your reported blood value and your ideal blood value for each nutrient. On the other hand, DNA data has a lower number of total outcomes (homozygous wild-type, heterozygous, and homozygous variant) per SNP but a higher volume of data points (50+ SNPs tested), compared to blood data. Thus, we've developed a unique method to generate a score for each data source.

Your DNA score: This score is calculated based on the number of variants per genotype tested (there can be 0, 1, or 2 variants per SNP tested). In most cases, the higher number of variants per genotype the lower the score for that gene. Each score is then aggregated to a composite Rootine DNA Score. This score does not change, as your DNA is a static piece of data.

Your blood score: This score is calculated based on the absolute percent difference between your blood test value and your optimal blood level (which is calculated based on research, lifestyle data, and DNA data). The scores for each blood nutrient level are then aggregated and reported in a single Rootine Blood Score. As your blood levels change, each blood nutrient score changes and so does the aggregate Rootine Blood Score.

Your lifestyle score: This score is calculated based on the questionnaire is answered. Generally, answers to questions that increase your nutrient needs will lower your cellular score and answers that lower your nutrient needs increase your cellular score. For example, if you indicate you regularly eat fruits and vegetables your daily supplement requirement for some nutrients is lower and thus your cellular score would be higher for this question. The scores for each question are aggregated into a composite Rootine Lifestyle Score, which updates with repeated completions of the questionnaire and other reported lifestyle factors.

PS: Your wearable score: Coming soon!

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