An Interview With The CEO

An Interview With The CEO

Tye Jensen interviewing Rootine's CEO on her daily health habits and thoughts on the industry moving into 2020.

Rachel, how do you think about nutrition and health?

Well, I hate to see so many people get swept up in these “get fit, fast!” and “7-day juice cleanses” because they want immediate results, and are told they can get them. I think this is one of the biggest issues we face in the industry. It’s a problem because health improvement does not happen overnight and these programs and products trick people into thinking it does, which causes confusion and frustration for the customer.

I’m a big believer in small daily habits and improvements being the driving force to my long-term health. It’s the little things that stack up over time and matter the most. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish with Rootine, by taking the guessing game out of personalized nutrition we are helping our members get what they need so that they have at least one healthy habit under their belt.

How and when do you take your Rootine vitamins?

Great question. There are so many ways to take Rootine microbeads, but our team favorite is definitely in a smoothie. My morning routine usually consists of blending up a smoothie and stirring in my Rootine vitamins. This is after I ride my Peloton, which I just got and love! This is how I guarantee that my day is kicked-off nutritionally strong and that I’m giving my body both the macro- and micronutrients it needs to thrive.

Is there a smoothie brand you recommend pairing with Rootine?

I really like SmoothieBox! They are a subscription service which is great because they come right to my door and it’s one less thing for me to do. Anything that saves time is a win for me! I also like that they use whole foods and that are 100% fruits, seeds, and veggies. Everyone can benefit from more whole foods in their diet, especially fruits and veggies. And even though I have a sweet tooth, I like that their smoothies are not too sweet. I use them as a base and add other ingredients that I have in the kitchen so every smoothie is a little different.

Since publishing, we’ve partnered with SmoothieBox to jointly promote healthy habits. Access their Rootine special discount here.

Anything else you’d like to add about health and wellness?

You know...I think it’s important for people to find brands that they can trust and that support their daily habits, that I spoke about earlier. I see a lot of similarities between SmoothieBox and Rootine. They are offering a convenient way to support your daily nutrition through a plant-based, whole-foods smoothie. Even if it’s just one snack a day, that’s a huge win when you consider what else you might have eaten. Plus, it’s a great way to take your microbeads. Win-win!

I hope we continue to see these D2C brands address the nutrition and lifestyle-related health issues facing our country. It’s this head-on approach that simplifies “getting healthy” for the average person that’s going to move the needle. Even outside of nutrition, there’s a lot to gain from personalized wellness products. It’s great to see brands like Proven Skincare and Prose out on the front lines with Rootine.