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Celebrating 2 Years: New Logo, Look and Updates

To the Rootine Community:

Thank you for a great two years!

After personal experiences looking to optimize our own health and finding ourselves unimpressed with the status quo, Daniel and I launched Rootine two years ago with a clear mission: to enable millions to leverage their personal health data to improve how they look, feel, and perform everyday.

We believed consumers deserved better: they deserved health and wellness solutions built with the consumer in mind, rooted in data and science, and tailored to the individual not an arbitrary standard.

Inspired to make an impact on health and human performance, we combined science and technology to change the game in personalized nutrition. Leveraging best-in-class AI, and considering individual DNA, blood, and lifestyle test results not only to create the most accurate nutrient formula for your body, but deliver it through precision dosing.

Two years later, we are steadfast in our mission and making an impact at scale. We have enabled tens of thousands of individuals to leverage their personal data to optimize their health and daily performance through:

  • delivering hundreds of thousands of precision-personalized micronutrient packs; and
  • Highlighting unmatched health insights for tens of thousands of individuals through our digital dashboard and at-home testing experiences.

It is now time to create an even better future for you, and that future starts today.

A new logo, a new look, and a better overall experience launches today.

This is the first of many exciting updates to come that will create a stronger, more cohesive foundation to build the future of precision nutrition. A future that is consumer-centric, data-driven, and connected.

And of course, we cannot create that future without you - our community. We know there are opportunities for improvement and ask for (and welcome) your feedback.

What would you like to see from Rootine? Reply here or reach out to us at

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements this weekek and be sure to follow us on social for exclusive updates.

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Thank you to our loyal customers and community!


In Health, 

Rachel + Daniel, Co-founders @ Rootine


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