Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling

The best health strategies involve daily routines, like sticking to a mostly healthy diet, exercising regularly, and taking your Rootine Vitamins. So, it’s easy to see how when you remove yourself from your normal habits when traveling, it’s tough to stay on track.

Here are six key areas to focus on while traveling. Use these quick tips to make sure your trip is fun and healthy: 


Get the best possible sleep by keeping your room cold (mid-60s is best) and closing the blinds to achieve more regenerative sleep and keep your energy up!

  • Jamie Hickey personal trainer, nutritionist, and founder of Truism Fitness recommends asking for a hotel room that is away from elevators or common areas so that it is quieter and to wear ear plugs and an eye mask to reduce sound and light exposure that you are not used to.


Don’t start a trip stressing about an expensive flight, it’s bad for your mood and sleep. Save on the perfect flight with our friends at Dollar Flight Club who use technology to help you save bundles on airfare.

  • Fear of flying? Try this breathing technique to help you chill out: Breathe in for 4 seconds and out for 6 seconds. Repeat for one minute. This targets the respiratory sinus arrhythmia (#science 😲) and helps you relax.


Be sure to pack your Rootine Vitamins to ensure you're getting optimal nutrient intake to maintain your energy, even when you're eating new foods (or fast food).

  • Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD and co-founder of Rootine, says that when traveling it is best to keep up with as many habits as you can, like your daily vitamin and mineral intake, because there will be changes to your daily routines that are unavoidable.


Keep your daily activity level up, even if you can’t truly exercise. Take a walking tour or get a quick HIIT session in the (frustratingly small) hotel gym.

  • Ali, NASM certified Personal Trainer, and founder of Final Straw Fitness says, “My number one travel tip is to pack a set of resistance bands! Bring the gym with you! With even just one tube band, you can do unlimited exercises from squats to chest press to rows, pull-downs, ab work...the options are limitless.”


Flying and exploration can disrupt your normal hydration routine and lead to dehydration, which in turn can lead to GI issues like constipation. Katie Valley, RHNP of Katie Valley Wellness recommends that you stick to water and avoid soda, juice, and alcohol while traveling.

  • Amanda A. Kostro Miller, RD, LDN, advisory board member for Smart Healthy Living says her personal goal is to drink 25% more water than normal and eat 25% less to keep things moving and help you feel lighter while traveling. 


Jill Nussinow, MS, RDN recommends to wash your hands frequently or get a good natural hand sanitizer. While traveling, you’re exposing yourself to more germs than usual and microbes that are not found in your normal environment.

Give these tips a try the next time you're out and about and let us know which work the best for you!


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