My Rootine: Aimee Cabakoff of Sustainably Aimee

My Rootine: Aimee Cabakoff of Sustainably Aimee

Introducing My Rootine: a series highlighting how members of the Rootine community incorporate healthy living into their daily routines.

Aimee is a sustainable blogger dedicated to helping people change their habits to live more plastic-free. I want people to appreciate our home and live more consciously in their everyday lives by reducing waste.  (check out her blog, Sustainably Aimee and her IG here!).  

Creating a routine filled with healthy habits is critical to her day. 

Her advice on finding a routine that works for you: listen to your body, find what works, and make it easy to incorporate into your day. 

What her morning Rootine is:

I wake up about 7am and sit up and stretch my body about 5 minutes (Head rolls, shoulder rolls, flexing my feet, cat - cows and hang down at the waist.) Then I drink a large glass of water before anything else. I boil a pot of coffee or make a juice (depending on the day) I take out the puppers and grab my computer. I make an effort to not check my phone right when I wake up instead when coffee is done and my computer is open then I check my social media and updates. I've also been making an effort to journal for 5 minutes in the morning to set my intention for the day.

What she likes to eat to start her day:

I love to eat breakfast. Because I have a fast metabolism I like to eat 6 small meals a day. I have steel-cut oatmeal with blueberries, flaxseed and chia seeds. I'll opt for avocado on toast, eggs and toast, smoothie (spinach, frozen fruit, chia seeds, peanut butter, almond milk, vitamin D3K2 tincture) I make sure my breakfasts are filling. Followed by a probiotic and vitamin C supplement.

How she integrates exercise into her day:

I walk my dogs, try-to, everyday. I love yoga and lifting weight 4 times a week. I haven't had a gym membership in about 7 months so I use an app on my phone to encourage my workouts and hold myself accountable. I love to move my body and feel I can celebrate what it can do.

How her Rootine changes with travel:

It changes a lot in the way of working out and consistent eating. However I do make an effort to hold my morning routine (shared above). I try to be gentle with it and do the best I can as far as keeping my body moving, lots of water, and focus on plant-based meals! If I can walk places, I prefer it.

The person who inspires her routine:

I'm always inspired by my sister, Rachel's routine. She stays focused, healthy, and consistent even when she's juggling two jobs. She always gets a workout in and makes me want to be more productive everyday. I'm always really excited to hear and see her progress.

Her philosophy on wellness:

I think wellness should be complimentary to your lifestyle . My morning starts the same way so then my afternoon's can be consistent as well. I enjoy my relax time with my coffee and I feel great when I eat healthy. It shouldn't be this massive change away from your own life and routine, it should be incorporated so you look forward to these habits. I also think about doing what works for you. Some people pick up habits because they are trending, but its important to listen to your body and mental health to help you. Clearing my head means going for a walk, but for some it could be a really deep meditation. Everyone's practice is different.

New health trends she is excited about: 

I'm really excited that natural cleaners and remedies are becoming more popular. I think we have gotten so used to treating the cause with a pill then treating the symptoms with another pill like western medicine has shown us, when really it's about getting to the root cause of the issue. I've adopted essential oils in my life, meditation, pre and probiotics to stay healthy and strong. I also think its great people are questioning the ingredients of our beauty products and cleansers, where it comes from and WHO is making them. Ethical, sustainable, and good for the planet are becoming really important which is great to see!

How her work fits in: 

Because part of my job is about conscious living, that means that my career and dedication to practicing what I preach is of the upmost importance. I set a schedule, focus on habits that help the success of my job and make sure to have balance. I take breaks on social media #offfor24hr is a good one and I make sure to be realistic about my tips to reduce waste. I question where my partnerships come from and try to be as thorough as possible when educating my audience.

I love what I do and I hope it helps people love the planet and live for it ever day.

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