My Rootine: Dr. Richard Harris M.D., Pharm.D, MBA

My Rootine: Dr. Richard Harris M.D., Pharm.D, MBA

Introducing My Rootine: a series highlighting how members of the Rootine community incorporate healthy living into their daily routines.  

Meet Dr. Richard Harris M.D., Pharm.D, MBA,a board-certified internal medicine physician and pharmacist who specializes in lifestyle medicine, personalized medicine, and health coaching, and one of  Rootine's Clinical Advisors. For Dr. Harris, wellness is all about balance: find what works for you and try to consistently follow your personal routine. 

How does he stay on top of his own health? learn more below. 

What his morning Rootine is:

I start my mornings in the same fashion. I get out of bed and say my prayers, then meditate for five to ten minutes, followed by listing three things I'm grateful for, and then I hit the gym. This regimen prepares me for the rigors of my hectic days.

What he likes to eat to start his day:

I do not eat in the mornings. It took me years to figure out that my body does not respond well to food in the am. I may have some bone broth and electrolytes in the morning, but I do not eat "food" until at least noon.

How he integrates exercise into his week:

I have been an exercise fiend ever since I was sixteen years old. I used to be the skinniest kid in high school and soon realized I would not be dateable unless I put on some size. I fell in love with weight lifting and have keep up the habit for twenty-one years.

His inspiration for his Rootine:

I remember when I did my genetic tree in my college genetics class. Diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, auto-immune disease, and more run in two generations in my family. I realized then I needed to have a bulletproof wellness plan to help offset genetic and environmental risk. Now I keep pushing my Rootine to improve because I believe in leading by example.

New health trends he is excited about: 

More people are asking me about intermittent fasting now than ever. For far too long, the mainstream agenda has lead to an unhealthy relationship with food for most Americans. Fasting is a great tool to help your body and can help your mind develop a healthy relationship with food.

How his work fits in: 

I empower individuals to take control of their health through a comprehensive, personalized wellness plan.

One piece of advice he offers his patients and clients that is often relevant for others: 

In moments of strength, prepare for moments of weakness. We all have temptations when trying to follow a particular plan or lifestyle; take the time to examine where your weak points are and make a plan on what you will do when faced with one of life's temptations.

How he handles his health Rootine in the midst of the global pandemic: 

My routine hasn't change, to be honest. When the pandemic happened and things started to change, I focused on what can I do rather than what can't I do. Change is the only constant in life, and having a growth mindset allows you to adapt and flow with the external environment without being changed by it.

His overall wellness philosophy:

If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be balance. It's perfectly normal (and encouraged) to have a cheat meal, or take some time off from the gym, or build rest periods into your wellness plan. We tend to try to be perfect in everything, and that puts unrealistic expectations into our minds. It's ok to have moments of weakness; we are human, and we need to be comfortable with who we are in our skin. Fall nine times, get up ten, and everything will be as it should.


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*Note: this interview has been edited to fit the My Rootine format.