Dr. Javier Diaz, PharmD, FAARM, founder of Ethos Wellness Pharmacy

Dr. Javier Diaz, PharmD, FAARM, founder of Ethos Wellness Pharmacy

Introducing My Rootine: a series highlighting how members of the Rootine community incorporate healthy living into their daily routines.  

Meet Dr. Javier Diaz, PharmD, FAARM, Founder and Chief Pharmacist at Ethos Wellness Pharmacy in Miami FL and one of Rootine's clinical advisors.  For Dr. Diaz, finding ways to stay healthy is essential across both his work and his personal life, but owning a business makes it hard to always find the time.  

How does he stay on top of his health? learn more below. 

What his morning Rootine is:

I have to be at Ethos by 8:15 am six days per week, so my mornings are regimented and fast-paced. Weekdays I'm up at 5 am on the dot, weekends by 6:30 am. I hit the gym first thing, normally 4 to 5 times per week, for about an hour. Sundays are my "slow" day... I may sleep in until 7 am and hit the beach for an outdoor run or workout. If there's a small wave, I'll paddle around for a couple of hours.

What he likes to eat to start his day:

Since I workout first thing in the AM, I don't eat anything until after I get back home from the gym. Nearly every single day my breakfast is 200g of egg whites, 2 Kodiak cakes, and black coffee. On Sundays I may sub out the black coffee for an almond milk cappuccino (my wife makes killer ones). I normally have a protein shake mid-morning. I'm not generally too concerned with my carb:fat ratios, but I am always mindful to hit my daily protein intake. I think most people don't get anywhere near the amount of protein they should.

How he integrates exercise into his week:

At this stage in my life, I prioritize weight training to preserve muscle mass. I was an endurance athlete for many years and used put in easily 30+ miles per week, but I started to prioritize resistance training more and more over the years. I still like to run, but prefer track work/intervals to long runs. Right now my focus is more on functional movement, mobility, and maintaining those muscle fibers. I always say, my goal is to be able to surf when I'm 85... that's my WHY when I train so everything revolves around that.

What healthy living looks like for him on vacation:

My work doesn't require much travel, so when I do, it's mainly for pleasure... which likely means it's a surf trip. I'll be out in the water for hours, normally 2-3 sessions in a single day. I might do a sunset stretch session to loosen up, but otherwise won't do additional workouts. My surf trips usually take me to some remote places where I can get freshly-caught fish, fresh-pressed juices, and other farm-to-table style meals, so I load up on really nutritious meals. Also, I'll indulge in a daily margarita when I travel... I very rarely drink outside of vacation.

His inspiration for his Rootine:

Honestly, my wife is the reason I'm able to keep any semblance of a routine right now. Not only is she the ultimate inspiration in how she manages her own wellness, but she has done more than her fair share in helping me stay on top of mine while I'm head-deep in running my business. Her discipline never ceases to amaze me and watching her progress over the last decade motivates me every day. Also, I'd say anyone "older" who is still actively engaged in what they love is a huge source of inspiration for me. My mother still goes out dancing 5 nights a week at 70 years old. I have a customer who teaches yoga at 93. They are the ultimate examples of why I do what I do.

His overall wellness philosophy:

True wellness is sustainable. It absolutely needs to be part of your life, day in and day out. I'm big on routines, so for instance I advocate going to bed and waking up at the same time every single day. Keeping as little variance in your sleep schedule as possible vastly improves the quality of your sleep, which is critical to health. Everyone around me, from friends to family, know that I prioritize my health above everything which makes it a lot easier to adhere to. When people know you take it seriously, the external pressure to fall off your routine greatly reduces.

New health trends he is excited about: 

I’m most excited about precision medicine and the ability to customize my daily health routine to my actual genetics, metabolic function, and so on. Up until now, we've adhered to best practices, or what seemed to work best for most people, applying general methods and formulas across populations. With advancements in testing, the fact that we can individualize everything from nutrition, to drug interventions, and even supplements to suit us specifically is a total game changer.

How his work fits in: 

For the last 2 years, since I started Ethos, my work-life balance is completely off. The business consumes my nearly every waking minute, 7 days a week. Obviously, this is meant to be temporary and I hope to gain some balance back soon. But realistically, there will always be moments in life when work takes up more than 50% of the pie: whether it's your paid work, or work at home with obligations to children and loved ones. Those are the moments that it's more important than ever to stick to healthy habits. Your health is going to get you through those life"marathons".

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