Why Do Genes Matter When Choosing Vitamins

Why Do Genes Matter When Choosing Vitamins

Your genomic blueprint not only defines how you look or move, it controls every function of your body including the way you digest, absorb, and utilize nutrients.

Genes, however, might not always work sufficiently enough, either due to changes in our environments or inherent defects.  With some genetic variations, some vitamins and minerals are not even given the chance to be absorbed and utilized by our body.

These genetic traits do not have to cause disease, per se, but rather hinder the body from finding its right balance.

So even if you are eating a balanced diet and practicing a healthy lifestyle, it is possible that your genes are keeping you from your optimal nutrient levels.

How Common is a Genetic Variation that Affects Nutrient Levels?

In ten years of genetic testing, Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD, co-founder and co-CEO of Rootine, has never seen a person who had the perfect genetic make up nor a person who has the worst possible genetic makeup.  Everyone is different and many genetic variations are very common. 

For instance, there is a genetic variation that effects calcium absorption that is present in 20% of the population.  There is also a genetic variation affecting over 30% of the population that requires additional selenium intake.

Do I have a Genetic Variation that Affects my Nutrient Levels?

Given the information above, it is quite possible that you do have some type of genetic variation, however, there is no way to really know for sure unless you have done a genetic test that analyzes the key genes that interact with nutrients.

How Can Rootine Help? 

At Rootine, we test 52 different genes to create a comprehensive view of what your specific traits look like and make recommendations on a mix of vitamins and minerals that may counterbalance any deficiencies.

Rootine is at the forefront of an emerging field of nutrigenetics, creating more personalized health products for consumers. 

To learn more about your genetic-based nutrient needs, order your Rootine subscription which includes a FREE home-based DNA test and in-depth results on what nutrients your body needs!

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