Our mission is to provide a platform for you to learn about your body and leverage crucial biometric data to achieve optimal health.

Now, we all have access to affordable medical-grade testing and data-driven solutions to determine our unique biological needs and elegantly meet them. Through technology, Rootine ties biometric testing and nutritional solutions together.

Understanding DNA and Nutrition

Common variations in your genetic code impact how you absorb, distribute, metabolize, and excrete key vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional substances. These slight variations are called single nucleotide polymorphisms (abbreviated “SNPs”) and alter the way the gene product is built. Slight variations in the corresponding enzymes and receptors adversely impact their function. The Rootine DNA Test analyzes 50+ gene variants that are research proven to impact nutrient needs.

- 11% of people have a SNP in their VDR gene, which creates the Vitamin D Receptor. This variation results in a less efficient binding between vitamin D and the receptor. Carriers need ~2x more vitamin D.

- 85% of people have SNPs in their MTHFR gene, which creates the enzyme that activates folate. These variations reduce the efficiency of this enzyme. Carriers often need pre-activated folate (methylfolate).

- 0.5% of people have SNPs in their HFE gene which alters the way the body regulates iron absorption. Carriers absorb far too much iron which becomes poisonous to their body. All iron is removed from their formula.

We’re proud to exclusively analyze and provide nutrient recommendations based on gene variants that are supported by medical-grade bar-of-proof to influence nutrient needs. This way you know your formula is built on verified science, not conjecture.

- Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer PhD, Bsc, Founder of Rootine

Understanding Blood Testing and Metabolites

Blood testing is one of the most effective ways to determine which nutrients you need and helps monitor the success of a supplement program or dietary change over time. The science of metabolomics allows Rootine to go a step beyond traditional blood testing. With this technology, we can determine how nutrients are working in your body - which is considerably more useful information than just how much of a nutrient is in your blood.

Metabolite analysis considers molecules that are generated as byproducts of nutrient utilization (absorption, metabolism, excretion, etc.). When the levels of these byproducts are too high - or too low - we learn that a given nutrient is not performing its function properly in the body.

In addition, metabolite analysis provides deep insights into other aspects of metabolism, like how your body is metabolizing carbohydrates, if your diet is providing sufficient protein, if your body is using protein too rapidly, how well your body can detoxify heavy metals, how healthy your mitochondria are, if you are prone to kidney stones, and more.

We’ve been using similar technology in the medical field for years but at a price point 5x higher than what is offered at Rootine. It’s a significant improvement beyond traditional blood testing and drills down into metabolism, revealing weaknesses.

- Dr. Javier Diaz PharmD, FAARM, FMNM, ABAAHP, RPh, METS

Supplemental Nutrients and Microbeads

Every person has a sweet spot for their optimal daily intake of vital nutrients. The level for each nutrient is determined by a variety of factors, including genetics, current nutrient status, age, weight, health status, diet, lifestyle and more. To add complexity, these ideal intakes can change over time due to increasing age, health changes, and fluctuations in nutrient levels.

In short, determining optimal nutritional intakes is an incredibly complex equation unique to every person. The current standard system of RDAs (recommended daily allowances) and DVs (daily values) for nutrient intakes lacks these critical nuances that directly determine each person’s unique needs. These systems are a well-intentioned approach to provide a succinct reference to the level of nutrients most people need; however, optimal outcomes are built on precision, personalized nutrition - not population-level generalizations. Rootine is built to fill this gap.

The elegance of Rootine's approach is two-fold: 1) by analyzing DNA data, blood status, and relevant lifestyle factors (age, weight, habits, dietary preferences, etc.), we are able to create the most complete and accurate understanding of an individual's true requirements, and 2) our innovative microbead delivery system provides precision dosing of each nutrient to the micogram or milligram - coupled with enhanced delivery from the slow-release and spatial nutrient separation. Microbeads are the leading oral nutrient delivery system.

We saw a hole in the personalized health industry. Comprehensive testing solutions were lacking and no brand had the capability of offering bespoke formulas with precise doses. We created Rootine to fill this gap.

- Rachel Sanders MBA, Founder of Rootine