Is stress holding you back?

Cortisol imbalance could be causing your weight gain, anxiety, fatigue, poor sleep, skin concerns and more

An Action Plan Based On Your Results

Understand if your stress hormone is sub-optimal and then access a personalized action plan to help you improve it with science-backed supplement, lifestyle, diet, exercise, and sleep guidance tailored to your test results.

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How The Stress Test Works
Test Your Stress

Easily test your stress hormone, cortisol, from home by collecting a saliva sample upon waking, mid-day, and before bed. Send your sample back to the lab in your pre-paid mailer and receive your results in under 1 week.

Unlock Your Results and Hyper-Personalized Plan

Understand your cortisol curve and learn where your body falls on the stress spectrum compared to what's optimal. Receive data-driven tools to heal your stress, including personalized lifestyle and product recommendations, with 1:1 support available along the way.

Track Progress and Feel Improvements

Put your recommendations to work and experience results firsthand. Prove your plan is working by retesting your cortisol levels quarterly and tracking your symptoms.

Results speak for themselves

"I was so calm...while the rest of the room was tense, stressed, and worried.

You've changed my life!"

- Steve W, Precision Stress Program Member

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An Even Better Smart Multivitamin Formula

Elevate your daily health support even further. Your precision multivitamin formula will be updated based on your test results and dynamically improves as you see and feel progress. Add the Smart Multivitamin to your stress program membership.

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